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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My trip to Magnolia Market

I have really missed blogging! It is good to be back, and I find it no coincidence that my first blog post of 2016 is on the day of the new moon (new moon = creative energy). I don't have as much time as I would like to polish my writing these days, so please pardon the rustiness - my style of writing now matches my decor.

I've been lacking inspiration and topics to post on as it is a rare day that I get to go antiquing, but this past weekend was a special occasion as Rachel, one of my bestest friends, came to visit from Chicago. She is a die-hard Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper fan, so I knew this would be the perfect time to visit Magnolia Market in Waco. She arrived on Saturday, but we thought Monday would be less crowded, we ventured up 35 from Austin yesterday morning. After taking the exit, we quickly spotted the silos to the west. It is pretty crazy that this property is situated right in the center of Waco, with Baylor University to the east and downtown Waco to the west.

The other things we spotted quickly as we got closer were the crowds of people walking toward the silos and the LINE. We got a little disheartened because we were on a time crunch since Rachel was flying out of Austin early that evening...we drove two hours there and had to go inside! What happened to a smaller weekday crowd? Oh yeah - spring break. Even though spring break in most of central Texas is next week, I now know spring break for Waco ISD is this week. Hence the crowd. We got there just before noon so decided to go grab lunch and come back in hopes that the line would go down, or at least we wouldn't be hungry and impatient (two things with which I don't deal well!).

This was a mistake for two reasons: 1) the line was longer when we returned (should have figured), and 2) they have food at the silos! There are a handful of food trucks and the options looked good: Common Grounds (coffee), Milo (Asian), Luna Juice, 900 degrees Pizzeria (this was actually closed when we visited), Co-Town Crepes, Club Sandwich, and Cheddar Box (gourmet grilled cheese {mouthwatering}). Insider tip: if you present your receipt from a purchase made inside at Magnolia Market, you get 10% off. So shop first and eat after!

On second thought, it wasn't that big of a mistake for another two reasons: 1) the line moves SUPER fast, and 2) we stumbled upon Schmaltz's Sandwich Shoppe, which is a local little sandwich joint known for incredibly tasty sandwiches on fresh bread - think Schlotzsky's style buns but uber fresh! So mistakes canceled out and we still maintain our credibility as wise and savvy shoppers and eaters.

I dropped Rachel off so she could get a spot in line and I went to park.

Some perspective to see where Rachel started - by the soon to open bakery. The line went up the sidewalk, into the tent, and then onto the ramp.

Parking tip - be careful as you turn into the alley to go to their parking lot because the alley is narrow and there are shoppers taking selfies by the marking on the back of the building, as well as cars exiting the lot. The lot is pretty large and I found a spot easily so I headed over to join Rachel in line. She had already moved almost half of the length of the sidewalk, which was a good sign. Don't be deterred by the line because it really does move quickly. Someone commented that the line was designed like those at Disney World - it is organized, efficiently maintained, well staffed, covered by a tent, and there is reading material along the way. They handed out copies of the "Magnolia Times, which has a little welcome message and some fun facts to help pass the time in line. As we got closer to the front, another staff member was distributing an area map with other attractions in Waco (Baylor, the zoo, the Dr. Pepper Museum, etc.). The young ladies working the line welcomed us, asked where we were from, and made nice small talk.

We made it to the front of the store in about 30 minutes.

We were welcomed in to the market and the picture-taking really got going. Not good photography by any means; I should have had Rachel take the pictures as she is a legit photographer! (Check out her awesome work!) Everywhere you looked there were people and there was a long line up through the center of the store for the registers. It was crowded and I definitely would have preferred to have more room to shop, but they did manage the crowd well.

If you couldn't tell from the pictures, Magnolia Market features a lot of home decor accessories: crates, pillows, candles, vases, flowers, cotton, wreaths, dishes, centerpieces, wall decor, etc. I have to be honest; I was underwhelmed by the selections, primarily because I anticipated at least some vintage/antique items since she frequently shops for and decorates with one of kind pieces for her clients on Fixer Upper. I also had in my mind that Jo had her own line of decor, but instead the store features mass produced wholesale items that even I have purchased at Dallas market - meaning so does every other retailer whose style includes farmhouse decor. Much of the jewelry was from a boutique jeweler here in Austin, one I happen to love, but again I was expecting Jo to have her own line. She is so incredibly talented as a designer and I would love to see her designs in the store - I am sure that is coming one day! She is one busy lady after all!

Even though I didn't get much inspiration from the reproduction decor, the displays were creative and impressive. The prices at Magnolia Market are quite a bit higher than at other retailers, but that sure didn't keep shoppers from buying! Nearly everyone had a few items in their hand, like souvenirs to mark the experience.  

That is exactly what Magnolia Market and the Silos offer visitors - an experience - and a free one! They could make a killing off charging admission to the property but they don't. While I enjoyed checking out the selection of the retail store, I had even more fun taking in the scene out back. The food trucks are on the edges with lots of picnic tables to enjoy a bite to eat in the center. The garden beds had some great veggies growing. The whole property is very family friendly; as a mama of a little one, I was very impressed that the interior bathrooms offered a changing station, There are bathrooms in a small building out back as well. There were lots of kids running about and enjoying the various sporting equipment like hula hoops, bats and balls, and kick balls that were strewn across the lawn for visitors' entertainment.

The only building open during our visit was the front half of the market; there is a large section of the warehouse in the back that wasn't available to shoppers when we were there, so not sure if that is open at other times or just hasn't opened yet. Soon to open is the garden shop, bakery, and perhaps something inside the this experience will be even better in the near future!

We had a great time and I am so glad we made the visit. This post was super long so congratulations on making it to the end. Enjoy the new moon and tonight's new episode of Fixer Upper!

Have a chic week,


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Barn Sale 2015

Where has the time gone?! My last post was just before Halloween, and now it is almost Christmas! Things have been very busy here - baby's first Halloween, two shows, baby's first birthday, and two bouts of illness for me all within five weeks. Time to slow down!

I was so excited to get back to Gonzales, TX for my third Barn Sale after not being there last year; turns out this was my best show yet, and I had such a great time with all my immediate family from Illinois here to help. I didn't get a picture of my sister (she was working hard the entire time!), but here is a picture of my parents and little boy:

My parents drove down from Illinois to help! 

His mischievious personality is already showing! Here he is modeling Barn Chic Boutique's Milkbarn baby line - cardi, leggings, one piece, and even a burp cloth turned lovey.

This sale is in a small town, but it boosts major crowds and the nicest shoppers. Show hostess extraordinaire Suzanne of Rusted Gingham pulls out all the stops and really makes the sale an event complete with live music, inspiring fall decor, professional photography, wonderful vendors, delicious food (the chili and puppy chow were amazing!), and shoppers from all over.  The best part about selling baby clothing is getting to see all the adorable babies that come through my space with their mamas!

The weather was warm and sunny on Day 1, but a storm came through Friday evening and it brought much cooler weather, rain, and strong winds. I was so worried Saturday morning when I woke up and heard the pouring rain, as I had displayed lots of the baby clothing up against the outer wall of the barn; the top half has chicken wire and a tarp to keep the elements out, and I panicked thinking that all of my screens with clothing blew over and were ruined by the rain and mud! I was so relieved to arrive and see that nothing was out of place - whew! I got lucky and definitely learned my lesson to think ahead. 

My best selling baby line is Milkbarn organics, and they have the most adorable prints. The cotton is super soft, durable, and washes well. I love that they have expanded their line to include leggings, cardigans, and hooded rompers. This is in addition to their hats, footies, one piece bodysuits, bibs, kerchief bibs, burp clothes (which make the best little lovies), swaddles, stroller blankets, and 'big lovey' three layer bamboo blankets. 

I was so excited to receive my first shipment of a local, handmade, and organic line, Mount Zi, just in time for the Barn Sale. The trademark item of this line is the harem pant with knee patches - they are *so* precious! These were a customer favorite at the Barn Sale. 

These are so perfect for Christmas! I have just a few pairs of the fir tree harem pant left! 

Another new baby product in the boutique are waterproof bags by Logan and Lenora; they are designed as wet bags for all things baby, but are great to take to the gym or the beach too. The waterproof zippered 'petit pouch' is perfect for a reusable snack bag or for concealing pump parts in the office refrigerator :) There is even a waterproof clutch and I had one customer buy every clutch in the arrow pattern! The large day tripper tote is a best seller for this brand. 

I was curious to see what would do better - baby or ladies. Turns out that I sold exactly the same number of ladies' clothing and accessories as I did babies! My best selling ladies' line is by far Grace and Lace - their fall and winter styles are so on point with blanket wraps, scarves, two fit cardis, ponchos, lace extenders, boot cuffs, and hats. 

I took a 6 x 12 U-Haul to this show and it was filled with farmhouse furniture and decor; I still have some antiques left but my stash is dwindling and I am mainly selling display pieces now. I was excited to sell a few heavy and awkward pieces like the massive plow disc pictured below - I had two and a girl bought both. I asked her what she was planning to do with them and she told me that she and her boyfriend were going to make some sort of BBQ smoker with them. Awesome! Glad to see them repurposed and useful! 

The antiques add a lot to the Barn Chic look, but they just don't sell like the clothing...yet they require lots of storage space, a U-Haul for shows, and extra hands to help load and unload. So, Barn Chic went mainly boutique for Vintage in Verdi as it was my first "one-woman" show! Check back to see how it went! 

A big thanks to Suzanne and her Barn Sale crew for a great event, to the shoppers for being so wonderful and pleasant, and for my family for working so hard to support me with this endeavor. It was a great weekend! 

Have a chic week,


Friday, October 30, 2015

One week until the Barn Sale!

If you are in the Central/South/East Texas area, 1) I hope you are safe after all the storms and rain, and 2) I hope you are planning to come to Gonzales next Friday or Saturday (November 6 and 7) to shop the greatest Barn Sale there is! As I started the title to this post, I wrote "Two weeks until the Barn Sale!" - and then realized that it is next week! This time next week, I will be at the Barn Sale, all set up and having already done Day 1 of the 2 day show.

Suzanne of Rusted Gingham has been revealing the 2015 Barn Sale vendors on her blog over the past few weeks (she did a nice little right up on Barn Chic here), and I am really excited to sell AND shop at this year's event - there are more vendors than ever before and there is an impressive collection of handmade, vintage, unique, and funky junk available! You seriously could get so many gifts checked off your list in one spot, and support artists and small business owners. My own space is going to be my most eclectic yet, as I will have a smattering of Christmas decor, a new crop of antiques (freshly picked from the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, IL this month), as well as ladies clothing (lots of new fall looks from Grace & Lace) and TONS of adorable baby clothing and accessories - including the launch of a new line handmade right here in Austin! I am so excited to see how it all comes together.

Friday, November 6- 4pm-8pm
Saturday, November 7- 9am-4pm
$3 admission (correct cash is much appreciated- gets you in quicker!)
Free Parking
Food, Drink and Bathrooms
Covered shopping
For more details and directions, visit Rusted Gingham's Barn Sale page.

I hope to see you there!

Have a chic week(end),


Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Barn Chic Beauty

Stunning.  The couple, the landscape, the sunset, the sweet moment...this photo captures such a magical time in this couple's life.  

There is nothing quite so beautiful as a glowing mama-to-be anticipating the arrival of her little one. This pretty lady is a long time friend from my hometown, and here she is wearing Barn Chic for her special maternity pictures.

Jenny and Travis were on Team Green - they didn't find out the gender of the baby until the day she delivered! 

Congratulations to the couple as their little cowgirl arrived a few weeks ago, and huge thanks to Laura Kruger Photography for the use of her gorgeous pictures! 

Have a chic week,

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