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Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Marburger

This is my third and final post about my trip to Marbuger Farm's opening day for the fall show on October 2. There was so much to say and show that it took me three times to fit it all in! Don't miss out on either of the two other posts.

Today I want to showcase some vendors whose spaces I loved and/or whose stuff was particularly memorable.   

This message was a hit! It was as funny as the merchandise was good at the booth of Two Sisters, Echoes, and Kat's Creek Antiques. 

Next up is the distinctive style from Magnolia Pearl. She designs funky and comfy clothing and her booth was buzzing with patrons trying to get some whimsical and romantic frocks. 

Pretty cool exterior of the Magnolia Pearl booth.

Luxurious Louis could be found a few spaces down from Magnolia Pearl. Marco from Branded Luxury Unlimited  had quite the selection of Louis Vuitton. 

For the true fan, how about some clear plastic chairs with Louis covered seats?

Travel in style with these trunks.

Gloria Becker of Many Monkeys Later was one of the only vendors who I noticed showcasing holiday merchandise. Her handcrafted Santas were exquisite. 

I really wanted to get this UT one.
Love all the vintage Texas accessories!

I have a little affinity for sock monkeys. (Except when they are on the adult footie pajamas.) 

A reminder of my school days: a French horn! I was in our school's band (shout out to all you former Marching Hornets - pretty much everyone at our tiny school was in the band and we put on a killer street show in Christmas parades across Central IL!) and I played the French Horn. Pretty terribly I  might add. We still have it and I told my mom to put it in the backyard over the winter in hopes it will look like this one!

Old carnival ride seats, anyone?

Several of my great finds came from the tent that contained both Wild Weedz and Carla's Town and Country. These ladies had fun decorative accents and the most beautiful dried flowers I have ever seen. 

These mailboxes drew me into the South Porch Antiques space. How great is this display?!

Most all of the merchandise here was already tagged 'sold.' Such good stuff!

As I took a closer look of the frame of the booth, I thought it looked familiar.

When I saw this sign, I knew I had seen them somewhere: Country Living Fair in Austin this spring!
The couple travels all the way from New York - that makes for two trips already to Texas this year! Wow.

This space was a girly girl's PINK paradise! Pink was certainly the trendy color this year for the fall show, which I have to admit surprised me. But it sure looks great here at Willow Nest
I have shopped with them before at City Wide and they always have great displays. 

Well looky there - more holiday decor...just now noticing the vintage pink ornaments! 

I love her combination of rusty with romantic.

This booth is designed by the talented Judy Hill. I feel badly that I didn't get more pictures and that I didn't have a chance to say hello - there were just WAY too many people shopping around in there! Her space was so inviting and many of her items already had that sold tag too.

Fun animal number prints.

I'd guess they are pretty valuable based on the $1,750 price tag.

The above photos and this one below were part of the Acanthus Studios space. I think their business description on their business card is just perfect: "exotic accents inspired by nature."

Here is a shot of the shoppers and the grounds on Opening Day:

More PINK!
In the sea of business cards I brought home, I think this great display is from Lauri Evans Designs.

Another favorite I recognized from the Country Living Fair in Austin this spring:
Tricia from The Red Door Antiques.

Her business may be named with red, but I was seeing pink here too!

How cool are those brushes all stacked up?!

Great old college sweater.

She finds great vintage signs!

Love the black and white theme on this wall.

In addition to pink, the other color that kept showing up was the way of monkey brains that is! Also known as hedge apples, bodark, bowwood, or bois d'arc, these green grapefruit looking things are from the Osage orange tree. And I LOVE them! My mom even sent me a box of them last fall.
Read more about them here.  

This display is from Leftovers Antiques space. 

While many of my favorites were vendors I have seen before, I did admire for the first time the creations of Selina Vaughan. How funny to be sporting my Funk's Hybrid seed sack tote made by my friend Caitlin and then come across a booth selling a similar concept with the exact same seed sack!

It is strange to be recognizing towns near where I grew up 1,000 miles away on designer purses!

I loved getting to talk with the designer - here Selina is with one of her bags. 

And last but not least - this space was my all time favorite. It caught my eye immediately when I first arrived as I was cutting through the first barn to get to Theresa's building. Marie and Rhonda of 2 Girls Stuff put together a spectacular tablescape. I made the pictures extra large so you can better see the details.

That little piggy went to market and SOLD!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this glimpse into Marburger's fall show...and I hope to see you there at the spring show. Mark your calendars; opening day is Tuesday, April 2! 

Have a chic week,

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing the other booths at Marburger Farm through your eyes. You captured some really pretty ones. Have a great week!

  2. How funny it is to see purses with the Funks signs being made in Texas? Did you tell her your BFF was a true-blue FUNK??? You would surely become VIP at the sale! ;-) Also... did you fake the French horn like I faked the bells? Just wondering....


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