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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Petticoats on the Prairie

Less than three weeks until the Petticoats on the Prairie show in Ballinger, TX! This will be my first POTP show and I couldn't be more excited - I hear shoppers come from all over to this "Wild and Woolly West Show." This market is a two day shopping extravaganza held April 11-12 at the historic Wool and Mohair Warehouse in Ballinger, which is between San Angelo and Brownwood. They say, "It's not your mama's kind of vintage!" but I sure hope it is because my mama and I like the same things - and I am so happy she will be coming down to help with this show!

I have been doing some show preparations, but sadly I haven't gotten to do much junk hunting. My garage is busting at the seams with treasures since I closed my booth, so I had to limit my shopping due to lack of storage space. But I have been doing other types of preparation for this show, including restocking on great spring and summer styles for the boutique since I sold out of lots of clothing at the Junk Hippy show. I ordered a greater variety of sizes and now carry small through 2XL (though not all sizes available for each style). I currently have a 10% off sale on the online site for any item in the plus collection with discount code "newsizes" through March. Though there are only a few tunics in the collection right now, many more styles will be arriving at the beginning of April. I also ordered lots of new jewelry and reclaimed canvas bags that have that vintage feel.

 Lots of new inventory just arrived and I am in love with the teal lace dress and the bohemian maxi.

I love color and couldn't resist this dress in melon orange. Can't wait for the weather to get warm enough to wear it!

I also have been working with a graphic designer on a logo as I need new business cards. I never knew what a process it was to go from brainstorming to final product! I started this project at the first of the year and we are just now getting to completion. I have spent hours searching through images of logos, fonts, and pictures to get inspiration. Here are some work ups of the logo along the way:

Nothing was really catching my eye and then I realized that what I have had all along is really where I wanted to focus. My sister drew this barn image for me three years ago and I have this on my business cards now, and it ended up being the inspiration for the official logo. 

And eventually, the close to final image:

And a look on weathered wood:

The curtains are hopefully going to be defined more by lighter shading, but I am very happy with the outcome and look forward to getting new materials with the logo soon. Special thanks to my sister Mary for drawing the inspiration! 

Even though the garage is full, I bet I can squeeze a few more goods in that I'm sure to find in Warrenton next week; I can't wait to hit the fields to explore. Will I see you there?!

Happy first weekend of spring and I hope to see you soon at the Petticoats on the Prairie show!

Have a chic week,


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great Vendors at Junk Hippy

Junk Hippy Rosenberg was FILLED with talented vendors, whimsical apparel, creatively repurposed decor, and fun primitive junk. The vendor right in front of me, who was nice as can be and gave me some show tips, had this terrific lamp she made out of an old French Horn and decoupaged shade. (I wish I could give her credit but I didn't get the name of her business!)

She also made those fun 'purpose' letters. By the end of the show, most all that was left of her booth were the screen backdrops. 

I heard several shoppers talking about the 'blingy baby booties' and I had to go check these out. 
They had sequins on the bottom too! How precious are these! 
And the ladies adorn all sorts of hats with bling like the one she has on.  

I could hardly believe it when the sweet girls at South Texas Sparkle said it was their first show! I'm sure I will see them at several more shows as their jewelry and accessories were a hit. 

I love this shirt from Southern Trends. It says "It's hard to be humble when you're from Texas." 
I don't think I can wear it since I am not from here, but I like it anyway!

Love the boots and display pieces in their space. 

Vendors at Junk Hippy did a great job with presentation; the indoor buildings we were in are pretty drab looking with neutral walls, low ceilings, and fluorescent lighting. The only other sale I've done has been in a barn, and there is something to be said about the rustic ambiance - it made everything look better! So I will be ready next time. But some vendors had great setups , and I love the curtains and tent draping at Such Panache.

My friend Lisa of Garden Cat Vintage was pretty well wiped out of inventory by the time I got around to visit. She had a great show and will be at the Huntsville Antique Show and then Warrenton later this month.

I apologize for not remembering whose space this is, but I love the display!

And I regret not having bought this old rusty grill.

Speaking of rusty, check out this nicely rusted cart - 
Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage has the BEST rusty carts (and fun old chairs too). 

I caught Cruz sitting down on the job! He is a trooper and endures endless shows on the weekend while still wearing a smile on his face. 

My favorite item of Theresa's was this great sign with the perfect shade of weathered teal green. 

And last but not least here are some shots from the Eclectic Cowgirl Roadtrip Co. booth. Loved their collegiate-themed fashion mixed with Southwestern tribal vintage.

There were so many great spaces there and I regret not getting more pictures of them! It was a whirlwind of a show but I am already looking forward to the next Junk Hippy show I do.

Have a chic week,


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thank you, Austin Antique Mall

It has been a great run at the Austin Antique Mall, but yesterday was my final day as a vendor there. Three years ago, I inquired about being a vendor and put my name on the waiting list. I had zero experience in antiques other than shopping for them, yet Freddie took a chance with me and gave me a little 7 by 11 space in the center of the mall. My first days in the booth were marked by a lot of empty wall space and random vintage and antique pieces dotting the floor, but my paychecks were steady.

Move in day

 Day 1 of Barn Chic Antiques 

One of my favorite pieces in the early days was that gray nesting box. I was able to ditch the antique mall white shelves when I found this - it didn't last long in my space, but I found later saw it in a local store as a display piece and it made my day. The store is at least the 3rd dealer to buy this piece. 

From too much wall space to none at all showing, I mastered the art of cramming in the merchandise and building up in the booth. Perhaps there was too much here for 77 square feet. 

There were a few consistent items in my space over the years:
1) Blue mason jars
2) Screens
3) Suitcases
4) Chippy cabinets
5) Metal carts
6) Skeleton keys
7) Vintage clocks

I love colors, could you tell?

And in case you weren't sure what season it was, I usually had it spelled out with vintage marquis letters:

(Winter doesn't get any love. That's when the "Spring" sign goes up.) 

Sometimes I indicated which holiday was approaching too:

And then I stated the obvious:

I loved my time at the Austin Antique Mall, and it's fun to look back at these pictures to see not only how my style and displays have changed, but also to see just how much merchandise sold from that space. I met great customers when I was there restocking. I have more than a few stories from my time there, and I am sure neither the staff nor I will forget the time I got locked in the mall. I adore the people who work there and will definitely still be by to shop and say hello. 

Teaching and coaching are keeping me beyond busy and something had to give. Though I am no longer in the mall, Barn Chic Antiques will still be out and about at Texas shows. Shows give me more flexibility to choose times of the year that work around my school schedule, and I think I caught the show bug! Up next: Petticoats on the Prairie in Ballinger on April 11 and 12. I can't wait! 

Thank you to all my Austin Antique Mall customers! It has been a great three years. 

Have a chic week(end),


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