Barn Chic Antiques

Barn Chic Antiques

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Barn Sale

This weekend is the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale in Gonzales!  

I am so excited to once again be a vendor for this great show. Two years ago I discovered this sale and ventured to Gonzales as a shopper, and the next year I decided to sign up as a vendor. This is the only 'real' show I've done, and it was so much fun. And a ton of work...but the fun outweighed the stress, so I am back at it again! The other vendors at the Barn Sale are beyond talented and super nice, and hostess Suzanne is driven, creative, organized, and accommodating to my yearly last minute requests! She goes above and beyond for Barn Sale preparations and even got some TV time on a San Antonio morning show last week to promote the Barn Sale. It is no surprise that the Barn Sale made the "Readers' Favorite" list in Flea Market Style Decorating magazine thanks to Suzanne's hard work.

It is currently raining cats and dogs right now, so I can't load any of my goods; instead, I'm looking through pictures of last year's space (great idea from fellow vendors Sisters' Treasures!) for any last minute items I need to remember.    


Last year's sunset at the show:

The forecast looks great for the sale this weekend, so I hope that you can make it to the Barn Sale in Gonzales to "Come and Take It" all!

Have a chic week,

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marburger 2013: To each their own


 adjective \(ˌ)an-ˈtēk, in verse oftenˈan-tik\
: belonging to an earlier period, style, or fashion : old and often valuable

When I tell people I am into antiques, there is an almost automatic assumption that I either like or know about very fine furnishings, as in the ones that are worth a lot of money. For my style of antiques [Barn Chic Antiques] this couldn't be further from the truth! The definition above implies that value is just one (possible) aspect of an antique. There is one thing that is undeniably true about all antiques, no matter what the style: they are old. From Gothic and Elizabethan to retro and mid-century, anything from an earlier era can be considered an antique. There are so many genres of antiques, and I can see why those who value the weathered style I adore may abandon the noun 'antiques' in favor of the term junk.   

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Marburger: Innovative Primdustrial

Two of the most inspiring places to shop at Marburger are in Tent H. I planned my parking around this tent as I wanted to be able to see these vendors' spaces first (before merchandise started disappearing). I'm not the only fan as I saw lots of 'sold' tags, but at least the goods were still displayed so I could capture some pictures to share.

Time Worn Interiors' space was incredible. I love the mix of steel and wood, and the green accents make the neutrals pop. Theresa's blog has much better pictures, and she mentioned that her look changed this show from lighter colors to darker hues because that is what customers want now.
I agree; I will choose dark over white any day!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Round Top's Marburger Farm Antique Show, Part 1: Wild and Whimsical

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (my other favorites are spring and summer). Here in Texas, it typically doesn't feel like fall until after the turkey dinners are served. Once this past week, however, I got a sense of fall while out on a walk; there was a light breeze, a few scattered leaves on the ground, pumpkins on porches, and a cloud passing overhead. I had to concentrate really hard to feel it, but it was magical. And then the clouds parted to reveal the strong rays of the sun, I wiped the sweat off my brow, and the moment was gone. 

Though the weather doesn't yet reflect the shift in seasons, I know that fall is here. All teachers do. Unlike the concentration I needed to feel fall outside, it slaps teachers upside the head at school.

Barn Chic Antiques

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