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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

15 weeks til Warrenton & fall footage discovered

Believe it or not, we are nearing the halfway point between the fall and spring Antique Week shows in Warrenton/Round Top! I can hardly believe it has been over two months since the festivities; I was reminded of the fun times at the fall show when I found these pictures that have yet to be shared on the blog (gasp!). How terrible of me to keep those from you! I think these are from the day when I got locked in the antique mall, so I guess I have an excuse for not having shared them. 

At any rate, here ya go - the pumpkins may be a bit dated at this point in the holiday season, but consider it a preview for fall 2013. This is how retail works, right? To all those neighbors who had their Christmas lights up and on in early November, I got you beat - my front porch is *already* decked out (no pun intended) in pumpkins for October 2013! 

Now back to fall 2012 in Warrenton... 

These first few pictures are the work of the lovely and talented Diane of Blends in Georgetown. She and her husband Roger always have gorgeous furniture to compliment Diane's fun frocks. 

Near Diane's space is a sweet couple from Iowa who always have great displays..I just spent 15 minutes looking for their card, but I can't find it! So sorry...

I heart this ladder full of clocks.

Luckily I took a picture of this great tent's business name  - Rodeo Royalty Roadshow

Here is the tee-pee that really trademarks their brand. 
I think I saw them at the Country Living Fair last spring too! 


They had a mix of Native American decor with Victorian-style pieces - soft and bold all at once! 

They had tons of boots and I bet they sold out with all the rain the grounds had that weekend. Ladies were sliding all over in their flip flops! Sadly, I don't think it has rained in TX since then.
My rain boots are getting dusty.

This new vendor had a great Halloween/fall scene. I believe they were first time vendors at the fall show, and I sure hope to see them back in the spring!

It wouldn't be Warrenton without fields of rusted junk!

as well as boots, body parts, and bikes...

 Really wishing I had picked up one of these Christmas sweaters.
The one on the right looks to have a built-in collar and cuffs.

My garage could benefit from some organizing space. These lockers are great!

Thanks for joining me on a little fall flashback. I can hardly believe that fall has come and almost gone, at least according to the calendar. We should be seeing the patio furniture and swimwear out in stores any day now. 

Have a chic week,

~Sarah, the Barn Chick at Barn Chic
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  1. You posted more great pics of the show. Thanks for the reminder too :)

  2. Loved seeing these pics! Funny comment about the summer stuff showing up soon - retail realy does push the seasons at warp speed. I was thinking that since it's been so warm in Texas this Fall, there will probably be TONS of winter clothes and boots left over and on sale soon!


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