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Sunday, March 31, 2013

One small claim to retail fame

I was shopping with my Mother-in Law yesterday; we were killing time while our husbands played a round of indoor virtual golf. I'm all for riding around in the cart on a pretty day, but sitting inside watching men play a giant video game version of golf wasn't all that entertaining. So, we walked around the nice shops at the Domain for a bit. We hit the usual stores, and then I noticed a really cool display window with fun whimsical clothing, and did a double take at this apparently new store. Just by the looks of the displays and beautiful clothing and accessories, I figured this place would be uber expensive. I told her I would just check the price to see if it is even worth browsing; I was shocked to see reasonable prices on the tags of Bohemian and vintage-style romantic pieces. Think Anthropologie style with a pricepoint somewhere between Antro and Forever 21. Sounds good, right!?

We explored the store and found the jewelry racks - fun chunky necklaces and awesome leather cuff bracelets adorned a table. 

I was admiring the cuffs when all of a sudden I noticed this:

Not the signage, but the old door knob converted to a frame. Wait a second - I have door knobs just like these at my booth! I wonder if they got them at the antique mall?! Sadly I can't claim creative genius or even the assembly work on this awesome repurposed item, but I can claim knowing a great item when I see one! My good friend Karen, for whom I worked at the Country Living show last May, is the designer of these. I bought a couple dozen from her and they have been great sellers at the booth. I love them for pictures and business cards. Here it is showcasing a line carried by this new boutique. 

I get giddy with excitement thinking that someone from this adorable store had not only visited my booth, but purchased something from Barn Chic. I started asking the girls at the counter about the store. Altar'd State is the name of this trendy new store, and the Austin location is the 21st shop for the brand. Based in Knoxville, TN, the other locations are mainly in the Southeast. The store's motto is 'fashion focused; cause motivated.' Every Monday is "Mission Monday," where they donate 10% of their net profits to a local charity. Already I am liking this store - cute clothing, reasonable prices, community-conscious, AND vintage decor! 

I end up buying a necklace, and on our way out, my MIL spots a fun dress. I walk around the table to look at it, and my foot bumps into something under the table. I look down, only to see three suitcases that came directly out of my booth less than two weeks ago! I'd like to say I played it cool, but I was nearly hysterical and took lots of terrible phone photos as if I just spotted a celebrity. 


Here they were at Barn Chic's space a few weeks back:

I always love knowing what becomes of the goods I sell after they leave my space, but running into them (quite literally!) while out shopping in a chic new store at my favorite outdoor mall was the ultimate discovery. 

I plan to become a frequent shopper at Altar'd State; maybe we could set up a barter to trade junk for attire?!

Have a chic week,

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One week from today!

Shoppers will descend upon these fields to find fun, friends, and treasures!

Will you be there?

Marburger Farm Antique Show, April 2-April 6

Have a chic week,


Sunday, March 24, 2013

A windy day in Warrenton/Round Top

What a beautiful day for a drive. The sun was shining, the wildflowers were blooming, and I was on my way to Warrenton for some early shopping in the fields. 

This photo is deceiving. It looks like a picture perfect day, but in reality, it was ridiculously windy and cold enough for me to be wearing two fleeces, a winter coat, and gloves (which means it was below 60). 

The wind was relentless. I feared for my life in the portapotty, as well as in a few of the tents that had massive wrought iron pieces hanging from the top of the tent.

Heads were flying at the "Scairy Baby Hotel."
The headstrong gals braved the wind on the table.

Poultry down!

The wind was so fierce that I only lasted about 3 hours in the field. There were several vendors who were not selling today, but the ones who were there had some great displays with fun merchandise. I always love Hector's tent (I have no idea of the official name), and a theme for spring is musical instruments. 

I played the French Horn and my mom still has the beat up brass in a case with red velvet lining.
Guess I could sell it to Hector! 

My sister played the clarinet - Mary, do you still have it?

For those who are less musically inclined but more athletic, there were skis:

Nordic ski poles:

and ice skates:

Thankfully we have functional use for none of these items in Texas.
A big sympathy send out to all my northern friends buried in snow today.
Anyone need some winter sport accessories? Just let me know.

Something we can use in Texas for athletic recreation: bicycles!

I'm in the market for a good bike; this past fall I borrowed Coach Cassidy's bike for cross country (running, not skiing) season, and I loved this lazier version of participating with the kids on their work outs. So I am looking for a nice used bike. 

I saw this purple charmer and fell in love. Look at that velour colored banana seat!

It even has black streamers hanging from the purple velour hand grips. 

Something tells me that the lack of gears might make it hard to ride up and down the hills.
But I would sure look cool cruising the flat lands on this purple joy ride.

If you are more scholarly than athletic, there are tons of old-school finds in the fields; lockers are definitely the most popular. I enjoyed seeing this old "Blue Book," which I also used in college for all my essay exams. I get nervous just looking at it. I am surprised that its date reads 1936 - wow, Texas had a college for women in 1936? Turns out it opened in 1903 under a different name, and is currently known as Texas Women's University in Denton. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

I really wanted to buy this desk, but I need about 26 more to outfit my classroom and
this was the only one she had.

The 'it' color today was turquoise, one of my favorites. I tried to buy this sweet little fold-up table (sitting on the table on the left), but it sold literally minutes before I tried, hence no 'sold' sign. Sigh.

There are old-school clocks too.

The best accessory for your vintage garden finds? Succulents.  

Notice the locker baskets.

This dude lost his head. Bet he went to check out the chicks at the Scairy Baby Hotel. 

I don't know if I am proud or sad to say that I didn't buy much...but I did get some nice drawers. 
No, not these kind of drawers! But those pink panties are something else.

I bought these drawers:

Today was a great start to the spring junking season, but I'm looking forward to lots more fun in the fields over the next few weeks. 

Have a chic week,


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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wedding Decor by Barn Chic Antiques

Congratulations, Marisol and Louis! Yesterday was a beautiful day for a wedding, and this sweet couple had everything in their favor - sunny sky, warm day, light breeze, and loved ones surrounding them as they said their vows in an intimate courtyard ceremony at a historic home in Austin. 

I was honored to help with some decor for the reception. Marisol contacted me back in the summer asking if I could find a variety of vintage milk glass vases for table centerpieces within her budget. I didn't know much about milk glass and assumed it was pricey, so I doubted I could find them for what she was willing to pay. But the next day, I hit the milk glass jackpot. She needed about 30 vases, and on that day I found 20! Marisol wasn't even sold completely on the idea, but I bought them anyway, as I loved her vision and now loved these beautiful vases too! The photos of the vases I texted to Marisol were all it took to convince her. I enjoyed hunting for them and got excited each time I found another one for the collection. 

The vases looked beautiful with gerber daisies and roses filling the bud vases. There were vases all throughout the reception room, and they were the perfect height as centerpieces because they still allowed guests to talk across the table; so many centerpieces are too tall and prohibit cross-table conversation. It all came together so nicely and they did such a great job decorating to make the room look simply elegant. Based on the venue, decor, delicious food, and amazing cake, one would never now that this elegant affair was on a budget. Marisol deserves all the credit - she is a certified wedding planner and worked so hard to have a wonderful evening for her friends and family. Mission accomplished! 


What a stunning couple!

Congratulations again to the beautiful bride and her handsome groom. 

Have a chic week!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Fever

The trees are budding, the mountain laurels are blooming, the bluebonnets are sprouting, the eyes are watering, the throat is itching, and the nose is running. Spring is here! I've been more than slightly under the weather this week, but I haven't let that dampen my spirits for spring! 

I'll blame anti-histamines for weakened written creativity this week and just let recent pictures of the booth do the talking. 


Sold this sweet little yellow side table from Marburger a few days ago. 

Sold the industrial table and the ratty chair, both from IL, within the last 2 weeks. 

Sold the rusty cart and violin case this week.

Sold this awesome green farmhouse table this week!

I'm thankful for the sales and need to stock up soon; luckily, Antique Week is around the corner! I cannot wait, and not even spring fevers will hold me back!

Have a chic week,

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