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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marburger 2013: To each their own


 adjective \(ˌ)an-ˈtēk, in verse oftenˈan-tik\
: belonging to an earlier period, style, or fashion : old and often valuable

When I tell people I am into antiques, there is an almost automatic assumption that I either like or know about very fine furnishings, as in the ones that are worth a lot of money. For my style of antiques [Barn Chic Antiques] this couldn't be further from the truth! The definition above implies that value is just one (possible) aspect of an antique. There is one thing that is undeniably true about all antiques, no matter what the style: they are old. From Gothic and Elizabethan to retro and mid-century, anything from an earlier era can be considered an antique. There are so many genres of antiques, and I can see why those who value the weathered style I adore may abandon the noun 'antiques' in favor of the term junk.   

Many antique shows feature just the high-end museum kind of antiques. But like beauty, value is in the eye of the future beholder! The best shows offer a variety of genres, merchandise, and price points. I can think of no other show that features such a vast array as well as the Marburger Farm Antique Show. Vendors come from all over the country and even internationally to showcase and sell their treasured pieces of the past. The styles range from exquisite European imports to American farm implements. The price point of goods for sale at this show start at under a dollar to well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Whatever your style, there is a good chance you will find it here.  

Louis Vuitton vintage luggage

vintage bottle cap art - you can find it all at Marburger! 

This year there was a new vendor in from New Mexico whose name says it all about judging the value of antiques: Perspective. There displays were terrific and my poor photography does not do their creative space justice.

 Another vendor whose perspective is ever changing is Willow Nest; Lynda and Ludmil are trendsetters and their booth is not to be missed when gauging the newest style in old.  

An interesting spin on the term 'junk' is Rubbish, which happens to be the name of Janet's sweet salvage business. 

Across the way from Janet was her good friend Stephanie from FLUFF. 

Tricia's descriptor for her business,  Red Door Antiques, is "Antiques & Uniques: A blend of Country, Urban, Industrial, Architectural, Garden & Quirky!" Quirky is another suitable term for a breed of antiques that any good show should feature.

These flashcards were just $1. 

And this? I don't even know what it is, but its patina is fantastic - 
and its pricetag was just under a thousand dollars.(Vendor unknown.) 

Don't let the term 'antique' deter you from Marburger Farm. No matter your style or your budget, this show has a little bit of everything for anyone. 

Have a chic week!

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  1. Sarah, what a great post. I hear the same thing time and again about antiques when I say that's what I sell. Often they are thinking Antique Roadhouse quality or museum style antiques and although I have a deep appreciation for those types of antiques it's not "our" style. Case in point, when Elaine and I did the antique show in New Braunfels last January, we were amongst the traditional dealers and were fish out of water there. We still remember and appreciate you when you came by our booth and told us ours was a booth you could relate to. It's great that there are so many styles but outside our "antique/junking" world most of my non antiquing friends don't understand that I'm talking about "cool quality treasures" when I say I sell "junk"! ha! Oh well, at least we "get" it! Thanks for sharing this. See you Friday. Betsy


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