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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Best Antique Mall Around

I can hardly believe that the first of August is next week! How is that possible? Summer clothes are on clearance, patio furniture is gone, and the smell of new school supplies hits teachers like a ton of bricks as they enter Target. But you know where there are deals and new merchandise daily, but without that new plastic smell? At the Austin Antique Mall! 

I often write about places I shop, and I can't remember the last time I showcased my very own mall. I go there often, especially in the summer, but most times I head straight to my booth to do my restocking and rearranging before they close and lock me in (if you haven't seen that post, it is worth the read!).    

I sold that turquoise dresser (yay - congrats to the new owner!), so I took in the garden table I scored from Third Sunday Market in IL last month. It lasted just about 24 hours.

So I went back with another piece from Third Sunday, this rusted black cart. 

And after I was done pricing and arranging, I took a little stroll around our 30,000 square foot mall. There are over 100 vendors at the Austin Antique Mall, and nearly every style of vintage imaginable can be found here. Though the mall has been in Austin for more than 30 years, I still hear people say, "I didn't know there was an antique mall here!" Not only is there a mall, it is one of the best - so get yourself to 8822 McCann (off the 183 southbound access road, behind the Nissan dealership and connected to iconic Playland Skate Center), and plan to spend a few hours.  

Here are all the different genres of vintage featured by the talented vendors: 

Schoolhouse Chic

All these pictures are from Mickie and Brandy's booth, and special thanks to Theresa for reminding me of their cute business name, Accumulations!

Victorian style. 

Librarian style (Paulette, you would love this room!)

European style - for real. Redrover Alley brings Europe over!

That green glass jar is awesome. 

Redrover Alley now has two spaces in the mall, including this giant coveted corner location.

This style is GoGo-gian. 


Lots of great 80's hairband vintage tees here.

Shabby Chic. 


A touch of Mid-Century.



Old School. 


Vintage clothing from all eras. 

And great Halloween costumes. 

Start planning - Halloween is just around the corner, and the holidays will be here before you know it. The shelves of school supplies will soon be restocked with Christmas. Where has 2013 gone?!

Have a chic week,


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  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing a tour of your Mall. I'm going to have to make another trip to Austin to do some shopping (vintage style)! I have a bucket list of places to go see, so I'm thinking I better make it a weekend trip!
    Congrats on your sales and as usual, your space looks great.
    BTW, I can remember that sound of crying "No" to the end of summer and it came more from us teachers than the kids! ha!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.

    1. Thanks for always reading and leaving me comments, Betsy! Hope your summer is going well and I cannot believe I haven't gotten down to your new space is a must do before the new school year!

  2. Thanks for this post! I've been thinking about heading over there, but never seem to make it. Your pictures have convinced me I MUST get there! and soon! Enjoy the last few weeks of freedom.

    1. You will have to let me know if you find any treasures there!!! See you soon ...freedom is good but routine and purpose are calling my name. Looking forward to the new year!

  3. LOVE that table - I can see why it sold so quickly!!

    1. It was a beauty. A well-traveled one from IL, with a few stops in the south along the way! Hope all is well at your store!

  4. Accumulations...don't you love Brandy and Mickie's name. Hope you've had a great summer and hope to see you in mid-August at City Wide.

    1. Thanks Theresa!!! I updated the post thanks to your comment, and yes, their name is perfect! I am *so* glad you will be at CityWide and you better believe I will be there to see you! Finally - it has been too long! Hope you are feeling better and see you soon.


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