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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Redecorating A Guest Room

This summer marks our fifth year in this house, and it is time for a little redecorating in one of the two guest bedrooms. Well, it's really more of a repurposing of the room, and that means an overhaul of the decor. I already parted with an end table at my recent downsizing sale, and I will be selling the queen bed too. The other antique pieces in the room will be staying: a great chippy architectural piece on the wall, an old china cabinet, and a sweet little black side table.

Here is the first piece I purchased to go into the room:

This picture not only identifies the room's new purpose, but also explains all the downsizing going on here at Barn Chic Antiques (though when it comes to my wardrobe, there is definitely upsizing happening!)... Andrew and I are very excited to welcome our first baby in November, so it is time to turn the guest room into a baby's room. Well not quite yet - my mom and sister are here to help at the Junk Hippy show this Saturday in Round Top, so we are leaving the room as is until after their visit.

The second piece that I purchased for the baby's room is a piece of pallet art by my talented friend Julie. I got this at her store's grand opening last Friday in Dripping Springs and left you all hanging in my last post as to which pallet I picked. Here it is:

I love it! It will be perfect for the room and I can't wait to see it all come together (and, of course, welcome our baby!).

As for Barn Chic Antiques and Barn Chic Boutique, they will continue to exist but I am going to take a little break - for how long, I don't know, but I am thinking this weekend's show at Junk Hippy will be my last for awhile. I certainly don't want to hang up my junkin' hat, and while I am enjoying hunting for fun decor for the baby's room, I haven't purchased anything to sell since March. If I still have lots of inventory left after this show, then I *might* take on one more local show in the early fall... sure hope I don't need to!  

Blogging was a lot less frequent this past spring; not only was I feeling miserable and going to bed pretty much after getting home from teaching, I also didn't have much to report on the antique front! I still love blogging and plan to continue, but the topics covered may not be relevant to the world of decor and may be sporadic especially this late fall and winter. I very much appreciate my readers and hope you will continue to follow my posts!

I would love to see you this Saturday, July 19, at the [air-conditioned] Lone Star Gallery in Warrenton (well, the address is in Round Top but the building is across the street from Renck and Zapp Hall - click here for a map!). The show opens at 9am, and if you are planning to go and want free admission, I have two free tickets to give out! Just comment on this post and I will get in touch with you.

 Have a chic week,



  1. Congratulations Sarah and Andrew on having a baby, that is fantastic news. I wish i could make it to Junk Hippy to give you a big hug. Have a great show and fun with your family.

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  3. Really amazing collection for guest room! I am very glad to see this nice collection for the room because I love the antique collection. Thank to share this nice collection.

  4. Congrats Sarah!! I'm so behind on blogging and I'm just now seeing this. Can't wait to see the completed nursery and of course see pics of the little guy!


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