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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early bird gets the worm

This past weekend was the Austin City Wide Garage Sale. It officially begins at 10am, but if you pay a few more dollars, you can shop early starting at 8:30am. For the last sale in January, I was there even before 8:30 and was awaiting the doors to open. It is my version of heaven in Austin...I found so much great stuff that I had to take one load home and come back for another! I learned those few extra dollars to get in early were well spent, and I planned to be there early again for this show.  

I am definitely a morning person, but for some reason I was struggling to get going on Saturday. I was barely out of the driveway by 8:30, and I was disappointed with myself. But the rest of Austin was sleeping in during the SXSW festival, so I made good time and was slapping on my "Early Shopper" name tag by 8:45. I made a quick round through the event center and was sad some of my favorite dealers weren't there - everyone must be saving up for Warrenton! 

Because Andrew enjoys parking his car in the garage, I was on the hunt really just for 'smalls.' I did pretty well, finding some linens, a locker basket, some rusty little containers, and a an item I have never seen before - any guesses?

I thought it was an old wooden instrument box, but the seller informed me that it was an traveling teacher's kit that once contained a pull-out map. Sure wish the map was still in it! It still has the two dowel rods that the map was wrapped around, and it even has a map pointer! I must just have to take the pointer to school and walk around the room tapping it on my students' desks....

But the real prize from the CWGS was this old rusty galvanized metal sink.

I first saw it in Gonzales back in November at the Barn Sale . I took this picture there, and I really contemplated buying it. I think I ran out of room in the car, because I left without it. 

Fast forward four months and here it was again at the CWGS! 

Megan from Salvaged was selling this jewel. She has such great taste in vintage decor! I wish I had more pictures of her space, but I was too busy eyeing this beauty! I rarely walk away from something in which I am interested, especially something this unique, but I just wasn't sure what I would do with it and I didn't need to add yet another piece to my garage.  
I walked around the show a bit more taking a few more pictures. Here are some hurriedly taken shots with my phone: 

How great is this huge old basket?!

I am a sucker for anything that says 4-H!
"I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty..."

Ohhhh, that dress form!
Look at that crushed velvet green chair!

The announcer came on the loudspeaker telling us that it was 10:00am and the doors were opening for general admission. People flooded in and that was my cue to go. I drove away and then realized the perfect use for that rusty metal sink. I was just a mile or so away and ended up going back to the show - but the line to get into the parking garage was insane! I knew if I bought the piece I would need to go to the loading dock, so I just headed straight there in hopes that I could talk my way in and come out with the piece. Mission successful - I got in and got the sink! I also enjoyed talking with Megan and wish her the best at Warrenton! If you go, be sure to visit her at Dillard's Field. I know I will! 

This bird found her worm.
Happy first day of Spring!
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  1. SARAH . . . LOVE YOUR GALVANIZED SINK! It was meant to be, and looks PERFECTLY HAPPY on your deck! GOOD JOB!!! Take Care, JOE & GLENN

  2. Hey Sarah, that's a great find for sure. Can I ask who's blue farmhouse table was in the pics, it was an awesome piece? And that manny...need I say more?

    1. Thanks Theresa! I wish I knew more about the table...I didn't recognize the gentleman in the booth and I didn't see a price on the table either. But it sure is great! I cannot WAIT to shop Warrenton! I like your countdown on your blog - see you soon!!!

  3. Wow! I am so happy to have finally, officially met you! This is such a fun post and I love seeing the "journey" of deciding on a purchase! Glad that it didn't sell earlier so that it could be yours, because it looks just plain amazing on your porch! Great selections, btw! Thanks so much for including me in your blog, it is SO appreciated. Thank you, thank you! I definitely look forward to seeing you again! :)


    1. Megan - thank YOU! I am so glad to have finally met you - I always loved seeing your booth at the mall and now have seen you at a few shows. I look forward to seeing you in Warrenton, where I know you will do GREAT! Best wishes!

  4. Wow---- How did I miss that sink at the Barn Sale??????? I'm so glad she had it just for you- it looks awesome!
    Hope to meet you at the Barn Sale this year!
    Suzanne@Rusted Gingham

    1. Thank you, Suzanne! I am already planning to take off work on November 2 to shop your great Barn Sale! Look forward to meeting you then, if not before!

  5. Hi, I'm a friend of Megan's and saw her post the link to your blog entry. I'm smiling at your use of "her" sink! I love using vintage salvage in my garden also. I have a double wash stand that is still awaiting a good use, but I digress! Megan is the sweetest (as is her Mom). They both have great taste in vintage/industrial items and will be a big hit at Warrenton. Betsy

  6. Woohoo for great finds! Look beautiful on your balcony. Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog. We are neighbors right down the road. I was at the Barn Sale in Gonzalez as a vendor, stop by next time and say HI. Missing Warrenton this year but heading up to Canton for a week, hope to find some deals!


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