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Monday, September 3, 2012

It's a good sign

Happy Labor Day! I hope you had some time to relax and spend with loved ones this holiday. I certainly enjoyed this three day weekend, which was strategically aligned right after the first week of school. My voice needed the time to recover; I don't realize how little I talk during the summer until I spend over 8 hours a day projecting and repeating myself during the first week of school! Nonetheless, my first week back with kids was a great one and I enjoyed getting to know my new students.   

Sales have been very slow at the mall on week days during the past two weeks. I was hoping shoppers would be out this weekend, and they didn't disappoint! I checked my sales online Saturday night and saw that two pieces sold! Finally! I picked through the garage to find some similarly sized replacement pieces and headed into the mall on Sunday morning. I was pretty surprised to see the items still in the booth, but that is actually a good thing because then I can rearrange the items easily without having to hunt for what got moved where. Attached to the two items were these beautiful red SOLD tags. Ahhh!  

Here is a picture of the pieces before the sale:

Though the pieces were priced individually, this is the second set of 'stacked' furniture that has sold in the same transaction to the same person - I wonder if the buyer also plans to stack the pieces, or just liked that the rustiness was complemented perfectly by one another? 

I spent some time Sunday rearranging and trying to make the new furniture fit just right. Two hours later, here is how it looked when I left:

Fast forward 24 hours...

I got a call that this gorgeous chippy peely cabinet was going to a new home. I love the piece and it was a great focal point for my space, but I was excited for it to find a new home as I have had it in the booth since January. I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I did! 

I am so glad that the mall called me to say that it sold so I could take advantage of this day off to get back to the booth before the work week. I once again loaded up the car and headed back to the mall, hoping I could get it all put together by closing time.  This is how it looked when I left tonight:

It will do for now, but all these sales mean it is time to shop and stock up again! There are some great shows coming up in September and I can't wait, especially for Marburger and Antique Weekend in Round Top/Warrenton. I already have requested off and have my guest teacher lined up! 

I tried to make the most of my day off and spruced up some spaces around the house too. Instead of buying new planters for my new succulents, I used what I had and drilled some drainage holes in the bottom of a galvanized steel bucket and enamelware. I am on a roll with that drill! 

I am more confident about my use of power tools than I am with my gardening, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the plants survive in their new homes!

Wishful thinking in the kitchen. We still have plenty of 100 degree days to go...but perhaps Mother Nature will take a hint from this sign!

Have a chic week! 



  1. Wow - you had a great weekend of sales - congrats! We've been selling only small things lately - need to move some furniture! Love seeing those SOLD signs! You should come up for Antique Alley in September - about 50 miles of sales. Whipp Farm is great.

  2. Don't you love SOLD signs, makes for a happy day! So good to see you this weekend. Hope you have great weeks until I see you again, in about a month.

  3. Hey Sarah ! . . . WARRENTON is comin' up FAST !!! Yee-HAWWW !! We're going in 2 1/2 weeks . . . Can't Wait ! 100's or not, HERE WE COME !! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN PS , , , Your Booth looks Great !

  4. Sarah, contrats on your sales!! I love it when get a call like that! Your both looks wonderful. We're going to Warrenton the first weekend actually starting the Thursday, the 27th. Hope to find some deals. I'm going to have to check out Antique Alley is that Stephanie (above) mentioned. A road trip may be in order!

  5. Hi Sarah, many congrats and wish all your sale are mega success. I like the booth pictures. xoxo

    ~ Herman Swan


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