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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The fields of Warrenton are filled with character(s)

Though this post is about my trip to Warrenton yesterday, I couldn't resist posting these 'before' pictures of Marburger Farm. Their show doesn't start for another week and a half with opening day on October 2nd, but you can see the preparation is well underway! I can't wait to post pictures of the 'during' to show how the vendors transform these fields into some of the most beautiful displays of home decor and vintage charm. 

 I love me a good rusty mailbox! This one is perfect!


The tents are standing in anticipation of the crowds and treasures, and my excitement is growing!

I spent about five hours in the fields at North Gate and Bar W in Warrenton. The show hasn't officially started yet, but the merchandise is there and the vendors are ready to sell! Though it was probably 10-15 degrees cooler than when I went last fall, it still felt miserably hot. I started out in flip flops with makeup on and my hair down, and within thirty minutes I was back at the car getting my game face on: tennis shoes, hair up, and sunscreen. Much to Andrew's chagrin, if I had had my Lady Cougars visor in my car, I would have had it on! It was the first day of fall, but the sun didn't get the message! Despite my efforts, I still came home with a bit of a sunburn. Can't forget that visor next time....

One of the first spaces I visited helped me feel a little bit cooler just thinking of the holidays. All the plastic characters on the planet could be found right here in Warrenton!

Other than the Santa in the back, there wasn't much mingling among the different holidays.

Even Mary and the Wise Men made the journey to Antique Week!

This guy gives thanks for being plastic.

The snowmen were a bit worried about melting.

I don't see any elves on the shelf in this gathering; guess they aren't vintage enough yet.

Gorgeous old card catalogs!

Have you ever seen so many rusty metal mattress springs?? This vendor cut the springs to make crosses, letters, and other designs.

Love these sea sponges.

I think the heat was getting to me because when I first saw this group I had to do a double take -they seemed so real! Notice how well covered they are to avoid getting a sunburn.

She seems a bit overdressed, no?

The Fun Dustrial both, run by Susan and Hector, is always one of my favorites. 


I am a sucker for blue - this lovely piece will be with me at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale, if I can save it til then! I had just the perfect amount of space left in the car, so it was meant to be. 

Another great purchase - a whole box full of Ball jars! And of course they are blue. Notice how careful I was to not describe the color of the jar and the brand at the same time....

So the vendor I bought these blue colored Ball jars from had pallets full of old mason jars, and he tried to make me a deal on all the quart sized jars. I told him that I was picky, and I didn't want the Atlas jars or any others. So I then said, "I will take all your balls." The minute I said it, I knew it sounded bad - we looked at each other and just laughed. I not only teach middle school, but I act like I am in it too! This was one of those honest slips that led to one of my most memorable purchases in Warrenton. 

Guess the characters at this show aren't just the plastic ones! 

I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures. I promise I will be back and will have more to share soon! 

I took many of my new purchases to the booth today, and I added a little touch of spook. 

May your week be chic!


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  1. Ok I can't stop laughing about the Ball jars..seriously girl that is too funny. I would have loved to have been there for that laugh. Can't wait to see your treasures at the Barn Sale. Hope to hit Warrenton next week!

  2. Hi Sarah . . . It's 5 am & we're gettin' ready to hit the fields again ! You know if we come across Ball Jars , we'll be thinkin' of YOU !! Thanks for the Laugh ! TAKE CARE , JOE & GLENN

  3. Love your blue dresser!! The fields are FUN!

  4. I love your first pic of the Marburger Sign and empty tents, would you mind if I used it on our facebook page?

  5. Sarah, what fun and you're too funny! I bet you had a BALL!! ;D My sistas and sista in law and friends are going the "really big show" this Thursday and Friday! Thanks for the previews of what we might see!

  6. Fun post -- booth is looking good! Blue balls and creepy mannequins -- great start to your junking!


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