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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do you hear what I hear?

I will admit it. I have been listening to Christmas music for over a week now. I held off until after the Barn Sale, and then when Christmas decor hit the booth, my will power to resist was gone. I typically make it through the first week of November before I cave, so this is about average for me. Please don't judge. I at least let Halloween go by before I start my closet Christmas-fest. And I haven't subjected others to any pre-season music or decorations; I don't have any lights up, I won't get a Christmas tree for weeks, I don't have our Christmas cards ordered, I have not done any intentional Christmas gift shopping, and I only listen to the music when I'm by myself driving to work or working late in my classroom. (Ok, so one person, Susan [the computer goddess at my school] was subjected to it briefly today in my classroom, but she said it was her favorite Christmas song, so that was a good subjection in my subjective opinion.) 

Did you know that this year marks the longest possible 'true' holiday season for Christmas (that is if one defines the Christmas season as beginning on Black Friday). Yep, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November, and this year, November 1 was a Thursday. So November 22 is the earliest possible date for Turkey Day, and that is exactly the day it is this year. This useless fact brought to you by Andrew. So all you Christmas lovers, rejoice! More time to shop, more time to celebrate, and more time to make holiday decorating feel worth all the work. 

I love the details of holiday accessorizing - there is such versatility of colors, textures, shapes, and props. This is the perfect setting to blend handmade, vintage, natural, and new items together to make a unique and festive look. Beyond just the traditional red and green, so many adore an all white scene, and I am loving vintage blues and silvers. I have a hard time picking just one statement for my booth this season, so I sprinkled in a few different genres. 



One of these things is not like the other...

Somebody put some clothes on that girl! Is that a black eye she has? She needs a little holiday makeover.

Sometimes it takes reviewing the pictures of my booth to catch a few eye sores opportunities for improvement. 

Dear Thanksgiving, 

I still love you too. I even have pumpkins on my porch to prove it. And some pilgrim candles on my table. Your meal is one of my all-time favorites. I have lots of great family memories from Thanksgiving. But I just don't know of any good Thanksgiving music. So please don't be offended if I start enjoying the next holiday before we've celebrated yours.  

In sincere appreciation of the meaning of your day,
The Barn Chick from Barn Chic

Have a chic week,

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  1. Your so funny! I love Christmas music and can't wait to break it out next week!!

  2. Longest holiday season huh? Great, that means more time to consume calories! Love the Christmas touches you added to your booth!

  3. Too funny, Sarah and I'm a closet Christmas junky right there with you!! I love this season and now I have an extra week to prepare for it!! Hooray!!


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