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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Calling all hopeless romantics

At this point on Valentine's Eve, I am sure many parents are rushing to finish their beautifully Pinterest-inspired Valentine's for their kids' class parties tomorrow, or putting the final touches on the decorated 'mailbox' that will collect all the cards from classmates. 

In middle school, things are a bit more simple. The days of class parties are over, but the Valentine's Day love still lives on. This is the second year that my AVID students sold Valentine Flower-Grams during lunch as a fundraiser to help pay for field trips. A dollar will deliver a beautiful 'peppermint swirl' carnation to your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, secret crush, or special teacher at the end of the day. Attached to the flower is a note, which can be filled with a message, but more likely just has the recipient's (misspelled) name. Writing a handwritten message takes too much effort I guess.

This year's 700 flower-grams sold out in just four days; we are now up to our elbows in notes, schedule spreadsheets, and red ribbon. I will pick up the flowers in the morning, and my students will be in factory mode as we label the cards with 8th period room locations, attach the ribbon to the card, attach the card to the flower, and separate the flowers by hallway and classroom.  

With tomorrow's deadline, I have been scrambling to get as many cards labeled as I can before V-Day. I'm not sure why I opened this card before I picked up the next one, but I'm so glad I did:

Sixth grade love: it doesn't get much better than that! 

May your Valentine's Day be joyful. 

Have a chic week!

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  1. SARAH . . . How can You TOP That !?!
    Happy Valentines Day !
    Big Hugs

  2. That is absolutely hysterical!!!!


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