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Monday, February 4, 2013

Always ready to haul junk

Here's a piece of unsolicited advice: don't keep your spare keys in your purse. I'm not sure where to keep them, but I learned for sure that the purse is not that spot. I'm notorious for locking myself out of my car, so I thought I was being all prepared by having the spare set right there with me. While sounding like a good idea, it backfired big time the night I returned home from the New Braunfels Antique Show. I did mention that my trip to Junkology left me in such a daze, so I will blame the evening's carelessness on my shopping coma from earlier that day. 

I won't get into the full story, but my purse was stolen out of my car while I ran into Walgreens that night. I actually had the main part of my wallet and my phone with me in the store, and I brought in my camera that afternoon so I could process the pictures for the blog, so it could have been worse. I was annoyed at all the phone calls I had to make to cancel credit cards, I got mad when I thought of all the coupons I lost, I got sad when I thought about the new lip gloss that my sister got me for Christmas was gone, but when I realized my spare car key and remote were in the purse, I became paranoid. The thief had my checkbook with my address, had been inside my vehicle, and now had access to stealing it. The only upside to this whole story is that I got access to the garage parking spot since I obviously couldn't park the car in the driveway, and it was really cold that following week (sorry Andrew). Luckily for me, the insurance company saw the preventative need to re-key my car rather than possibly deal with a stolen vehicle, so I took my car in today for the re-keying. 

Enterprise picked me up (the slogan is going through your head now, isn't it?) and took me to get a rental car. I was envisioning a little two-door windup car, but after being called out for having my CDL, I'm guessing the gentlemen thought I needed something a little bigger. 

I drove away with a brand new 2013 Chrysler Town and Country mini-van. I'm no stranger to the mini; my mom has been a proud owner since I was in fourth grade. I can't count the number of vans she has had. I typically drive her Town & Country whenever I am in Illinois, so I am familiar with the sliding doors and stowaway seats. In fact, when I was in the market for a vehicle that could carry junk, every salesperson said that the best car for my needs was a mini-van. 

After driving this slick mobile home, I have to say I am impressed. This car is loaded - leather seats, DVD player, touch-screen control panel, back up camera, and satellite radio (with several dedicated hip-hop stations!). I have plenty of room for humans, or in my case, junk. So should I stubble across any great bulk pick up finds along the side of the road in the next two days, I will be ready to haul it. 

My favorite part of today was cruising in the mini, windows down with that new car scent all around, and hearing Snoop Dogg on the XM radio. I'm certain I looked as cool as I felt.  

Hope you too had a great Monday. 

Have a chic rest of the week,



  1. Those vans are GREAT for hauling junk! We rented one for the 127 Sale and loaded it up!

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