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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A windy day in Warrenton/Round Top

What a beautiful day for a drive. The sun was shining, the wildflowers were blooming, and I was on my way to Warrenton for some early shopping in the fields. 

This photo is deceiving. It looks like a picture perfect day, but in reality, it was ridiculously windy and cold enough for me to be wearing two fleeces, a winter coat, and gloves (which means it was below 60). 

The wind was relentless. I feared for my life in the portapotty, as well as in a few of the tents that had massive wrought iron pieces hanging from the top of the tent.

Heads were flying at the "Scairy Baby Hotel."
The headstrong gals braved the wind on the table.

Poultry down!

The wind was so fierce that I only lasted about 3 hours in the field. There were several vendors who were not selling today, but the ones who were there had some great displays with fun merchandise. I always love Hector's tent (I have no idea of the official name), and a theme for spring is musical instruments. 

I played the French Horn and my mom still has the beat up brass in a case with red velvet lining.
Guess I could sell it to Hector! 

My sister played the clarinet - Mary, do you still have it?

For those who are less musically inclined but more athletic, there were skis:

Nordic ski poles:

and ice skates:

Thankfully we have functional use for none of these items in Texas.
A big sympathy send out to all my northern friends buried in snow today.
Anyone need some winter sport accessories? Just let me know.

Something we can use in Texas for athletic recreation: bicycles!

I'm in the market for a good bike; this past fall I borrowed Coach Cassidy's bike for cross country (running, not skiing) season, and I loved this lazier version of participating with the kids on their work outs. So I am looking for a nice used bike. 

I saw this purple charmer and fell in love. Look at that velour colored banana seat!

It even has black streamers hanging from the purple velour hand grips. 

Something tells me that the lack of gears might make it hard to ride up and down the hills.
But I would sure look cool cruising the flat lands on this purple joy ride.

If you are more scholarly than athletic, there are tons of old-school finds in the fields; lockers are definitely the most popular. I enjoyed seeing this old "Blue Book," which I also used in college for all my essay exams. I get nervous just looking at it. I am surprised that its date reads 1936 - wow, Texas had a college for women in 1936? Turns out it opened in 1903 under a different name, and is currently known as Texas Women's University in Denton. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

I really wanted to buy this desk, but I need about 26 more to outfit my classroom and
this was the only one she had.

The 'it' color today was turquoise, one of my favorites. I tried to buy this sweet little fold-up table (sitting on the table on the left), but it sold literally minutes before I tried, hence no 'sold' sign. Sigh.

There are old-school clocks too.

The best accessory for your vintage garden finds? Succulents.  

Notice the locker baskets.

This dude lost his head. Bet he went to check out the chicks at the Scairy Baby Hotel. 

I don't know if I am proud or sad to say that I didn't buy much...but I did get some nice drawers. 
No, not these kind of drawers! But those pink panties are something else.

I bought these drawers:

Today was a great start to the spring junking season, but I'm looking forward to lots more fun in the fields over the next few weeks. 

Have a chic week,


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  1. So So glad you made it out there!!! I totally think you need to make your old french horn into the light fixture like the gypsies did on their show! Super cool.....I cannot wait for my trip there!!!!!

    1. So true! I might attempt that this summer. Great idea! Hope you are doing well - was bragging about the Barn Sale to an awesome vendor today. Already thinking ahead to November! Have fun when you go shopping; hopefully it won't be so windy!

  2. Sarah, great review of the early show. I'm glad I wasn't there today but Elaine and I are going after Easter. I have a cute little fold up table like the one you "almost" got, but mine is a rusty, chippy yellow color. It's at Trade Days. It's funny about Hector and all the music instruments because I met him a month ago at the mission flea market in San Antonio and mentioned how I was looking for instruments but the ones I came across were too high. He casually mentioned that someone had sold a lot of different instruments for like $20 bucks but I'm guessing now, HE was probably the person who bought them! ha!
    Thanks for the review. Hope you find more next round!

    1. Ohh, I will have to check out that little table! I loved this one! Are you girls selling, shopping, or both this year?

  3. Sarah, it was cold on Saturday but it didn't take long to warm up. I was in shorts and short sleave shirt. Now yesterday, I heard several tents blew over, not a good thing and when it's that cold you don't really want to shop much. I loved seeing the booths you posted and Hecter and Susie's booth was pretty. I posted more on FB, but hope to do a quick post later today.

    1. You picked the better of the days, for sure. I think you probably cleared out some great merchandise too! Glad you had fun and see you next week!


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