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Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's Cold Outside

Weather fascinates me. I like to talk about it and read about it. Maybe it's a small town thing, or maybe it's not and I have some weird meteorology obsession. My favorite new Facebook page is the Texas Storm Chasers; if you live in Texas (or are my dad, from whom I inherited this interest), you ought to follow it!  These guys had a field day this week as Texas got slammed with winter weather and arctic blasts. We went from 85 degrees and sunny on Wednesday to below freezing and ice on Friday. North Texas is still in shut-down mode and highways were closed again yesterday in Austin.

I know what all my friends up north are thinking: we deal with this all the time, get over it! Hey, I thought the same thing when I moved south...until I hit that first patch of black ice. I was driving from Illinois back to college in Nashville after winter break and was somewhere in Kentucky, and I will never forget that feeling of complete loss of control. Though I am from a place where winter weather routinely affects roadways, it was most always snow-related, and should there be ice, there was plenty of salt to ease the slippery slopes.

Here in Texas, ice is more paralyzing than snow, and I was sad to see the timing of this weekend's weather coincide with a great show. I signed up to be a vendor at Vintage in Verdi and had been stocking up since the Barn Sale for this event. Kate and crew worked so very hard to promote the event, and I couldn't wait to shop and sell at Vintage in Verdi.

And then the cold front and precipitation came in last Thursday night. Our school had a two hour delay on Friday. Even at mid-morning, the bridges and flyovers were still iced over. The tollroad was closed. I saw a truck sitting sideways on one of the flyovers (that closed immediately afterward) and it became very clear to me that this weather and a U-Haul didn't mix. I feel absolutely terrible about missing out, but I had to cancel.

Saturday's roads in Austin (photo from Google images)

The show did go on, and it looks and sounds like it was awesome. There were lots of happy shoppers and vendors. I only wish I could have been a part of the very first Vintage in Verdi show, but I certainly hope they do it again and I can be there. Kate and her friends/family worked so hard and it looked amazing. Here are a few pictures from the VnV Facebook page of the great vignettes that created a Winter Wonderland for the shoppers at Verdi, which is just outside of Pleasanton (south of San Antonio).

I am excited to hear more about this year's show and already looking forward to next year's!

Wherever you are, stay warm and safe, and watch out for that black ice!

Have a chic week,


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  1. I was sad you couldn't make it. I decided on Friday that if it wasn't icy I was going to make the drive to Vintage in Verdi to support the show. It was longer than I thought to get there and it was COLD. I didn't realize all the vendors would be set up outside but they all had tents and lots had little outdoor heaters going and everyone was having a good time. It was great to see Suzanne and her mom and daughter. I bought a few from things from her. Honestly, I know your vintage, primitives and cool antiques would have been a hit because there were not a lot of vintage vendors. The girls putting on the show had some neat furniture and every piece I looked at had a SOLD sign on it! Shucks! lol Suzanne said she sad a great show and I was pleased to see a good crowd there and do hope they do it again next year. This weather was a bit unpredictable for early December. I posted a few pictures on Sisters' Treasures facebook page of the show. I'm glad you played it safe! Betsy


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