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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great Vendors at Junk Hippy

Junk Hippy Rosenberg was FILLED with talented vendors, whimsical apparel, creatively repurposed decor, and fun primitive junk. The vendor right in front of me, who was nice as can be and gave me some show tips, had this terrific lamp she made out of an old French Horn and decoupaged shade. (I wish I could give her credit but I didn't get the name of her business!)

She also made those fun 'purpose' letters. By the end of the show, most all that was left of her booth were the screen backdrops. 

I heard several shoppers talking about the 'blingy baby booties' and I had to go check these out. 
They had sequins on the bottom too! How precious are these! 
And the ladies adorn all sorts of hats with bling like the one she has on.  

I could hardly believe it when the sweet girls at South Texas Sparkle said it was their first show! I'm sure I will see them at several more shows as their jewelry and accessories were a hit. 

I love this shirt from Southern Trends. It says "It's hard to be humble when you're from Texas." 
I don't think I can wear it since I am not from here, but I like it anyway!

Love the boots and display pieces in their space. 

Vendors at Junk Hippy did a great job with presentation; the indoor buildings we were in are pretty drab looking with neutral walls, low ceilings, and fluorescent lighting. The only other sale I've done has been in a barn, and there is something to be said about the rustic ambiance - it made everything look better! So I will be ready next time. But some vendors had great setups , and I love the curtains and tent draping at Such Panache.

My friend Lisa of Garden Cat Vintage was pretty well wiped out of inventory by the time I got around to visit. She had a great show and will be at the Huntsville Antique Show and then Warrenton later this month.

I apologize for not remembering whose space this is, but I love the display!

And I regret not having bought this old rusty grill.

Speaking of rusty, check out this nicely rusted cart - 
Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage has the BEST rusty carts (and fun old chairs too). 

I caught Cruz sitting down on the job! He is a trooper and endures endless shows on the weekend while still wearing a smile on his face. 

My favorite item of Theresa's was this great sign with the perfect shade of weathered teal green. 

And last but not least here are some shots from the Eclectic Cowgirl Roadtrip Co. booth. Loved their collegiate-themed fashion mixed with Southwestern tribal vintage.

There were so many great spaces there and I regret not getting more pictures of them! It was a whirlwind of a show but I am already looking forward to the next Junk Hippy show I do.

Have a chic week,


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  1. Thanks for the tour of the show, Sarah! I enjoy living vicariously through your fabulous blogs! :) all the vendors seemed to do fantastic displays. I must attend (and hopefully participate in one of these shows!)Take Care.


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