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Barn Chic Antiques

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Round Top's The Rendezvous

What a beautiful day it was to hit the fields of Warrenton and Round Top this past Saturday. The weather was great, and though there were a lot of people, it wasn't overwhelmingly crowded like it was last spring on the weekend. My first stop was at The Rendezvous, which is a new venue just east of Marburger Farm. This great old truck with vintage letters helped me find my way there.  
This homestead turned marketplace featured several vendors in the yard and the building behind the house. I read somewhere that this is the brainchild of Peacock Park Design owner, so it was undoubtedly filled to the brim with great decor. I apologize for not getting more pictures; I was too caught up in the moment of admiring all the beauty! I did get several shots of the outside vendor, though I can't give credit on these first few - if you know whose space this is, please let me know!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Stash airstream at The Rendezvous. Their vignette at the front of the trailer was very eye-catching.

They had TONS of clothes for this show, because they were also in the little building in front of Royer's Cafe at Zapp Hall. I would love to get an Airstream just like this for Barn Chic Boutique...

One last vendor picture, even thought I am leaving out so much! This picture is deceiving due to the red and white striped tent, but the classic beauty of the decor from Timeless Menagerie shows through despite the pink tint of the photo. 

If you are headed out to Round Top or Warrenton this week, be sure to stop at The Rendezvous! And save room for some tasty refreshments at Shiver's Shaved Ice...yum!

Have a chic week,


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