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Barn Chic Antiques

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Best Sale Yet

Today I had a 'downsizing sale' to reduce the look of hoarding in my garage. After moving out of the Austin Antique Mall at the end of February, I had mall inventory and my stash of show goods all crammed into one side of my garage. It was actually pretty amazing how well everything fit on that side, but the problem is that too much little stuff sitting on the great farmhouse furniture means that no one actually sees the furniture underneath the stacks of smalls sitting on top!

My mom, who painstakingly helps me wrap and pack the hundreds of smalls that don't sell at shows, recommended that I have a sale to pare down to my favorite Barn Chic farmhouse pieces for the next Junk Hippy sale. Smalls are interesting; they paid the rent at the antique mall, but they require way more time at shows (and haven't been as great of sellers as clothing and mid-sized items). If you are a vendor, you know what I mean - all those breakables that don't sell have to be wrapped, packed, and stored safely. (And you have to remember to actually put those crates of smalls in your trailer before you drive four hours home to realize you left one at the show...)

Selling ball jars and skeleton keys paid the rent for my mall booth. 

There was no better time than the first full week of summer for this teacher to tackle this sale. I spent a few hours one morning assessing the inventory, and afterward I thought to myself, "I really don't have that much!" Most of Wednesday was spent arranging and pricing what I wanted to sell, and I don't know who I was kidding when thinking there wasn't much.

This is one half of the garage. 

How all that fit neatly on one half of the garage is beyond me. And thinking about putting it all back away after taking it all out for the sale was overwhelming. But I am excited to say that mass amounts of these great goods are now in the hands of awesome vendors, creators, and lovers of junk all over the Austin area, so I won't have nearly as large of a task to put it away. Huge thank you to those who came out to shop the sale, and I will spotlight these great vendors, bloggers, and creators who now have a piece of Barn Chic in their inventory in a coming post. 

I tallied how many people came through the garage and it was less than 20. That sounds like it wasn't a good sale, especially considering that I have done shows with over 4,000 people through the can you believe that this sale with 18 people amounted in the greatest sales ever for Barn Chic Antiques? And zero overhead. I am one happy junker. 


Have a chic week(end),




  1. Congratulations to you, Sarah on a successful sale! You're a braver and "bigger" junker than I to tackle downsizing your goods!!!! I keep saying I'm going to have a Shed sale, but like you, it would be more to dealer who want a deal, but not necessarily a garage sale priced steal! lol Take care.

  2. That is AWESOME! Great start to the summer!


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