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Barn Chic Antiques

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barn Sale!

The Goods!

How excited was I to discover that there is a show called the 'Barn Sale' within a short drive of Austin. That sounds right up my alley! I started following the girls at Rusted Gingham and learned about their Barn Sale in Gonzalez. I got a decently early start on Saturday so that I could be there close to the show's opening; I needed a few extra minutes since my handheld intelligence somehow got me on the other side of town. How I couldn't find the show barns in a small town is beyond me, as it should be an innate trait I inherited and cultivated throughout my childhood showing sheep all over the Midwest! My detour did take me through some historical landmarks and even the town's water tower showcases a phrase with which all 7th graders in the state of Texas are familiar - Come and take it!

I finally got there and saw that the Texas High School Rodeo was also having a show at the barns, so it was packed with trailers and plenty of cowboys and cowgirls!

This show was most certainly worth the drive. Not only did I find some wonderful buys, but I also got some great ideas for easy to make holiday decorations and met some really nice vendors. Shout out to Tiffany at A Thrifted Market, who has amazing taste, wonderful displays, merchandise that inspires me to be crafty, and GREAT prices! I bought several items from her and needed to make two trips to the car; upon returning after the first, half of her merchandise was gone! She was nearly cleared out before noon! I might have to make a special drive to see her at her space in the near future. Great to meet you, Tiffany!

I was really eyeing a cool old industrial sink from a fellow Austin Antique Mall vendor, Salvaged. She had great displays and a constant stream of customers too!

Everyone was talking about what a great show it was. Even the bull was curious after seeing so many shoppers.

There is plenty more to write about my Saturday shopping, but I have to call it quits after a LONG day (and night) of jury duty....back at it tomorrow. Have a great night!


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  1. Sarah, you sweet girl. Thanks for the shout out..really!! I'm so glad you found some fun things and can't wait till the next show. I feel like I need to hug your neck ( I'm a hugger).


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