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Friday, November 11, 2011


I have to say that this blog is expanding my horizons; I often find myself Googling words/phrases to learn more about the word's origin, the title of this entry notwithstanding. While I am familiar with the phrase, "Geronimo!", I wasn't sure why it became the top choice to shout when leaping through the air. Thanks to a Google search, I learned that Geronimo is the name of an American Indian legend who supposedly shouted his own name as he jumped to escape the United States cavalry. Completely unrelated, thanks to a second Google search this evening, is one of my favorite little towns to shop, Geronimo, TX (approximately 45 minutes southeast of Austin). I love the Blue Hills Antique Mall, as well as Glory B's Cottage. There are at least three other antique stores, but these two alone are worth the drive. Knowing that I could hit up these great shops on my way home from the Barn Sale in Gonzalez played a big role in my decision to venture that way last glad that I did!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of either establishment, but I did buy a few smalls at each place on my way back to Austin and was so relieved to have a route home other than 183 through Luling and Lockhart. That route isn't the most picturesque of drives thanks to endless construction on 183. The trip from Gonzalez to Geronimo took me through Seguin, which has another great little shop, A Unique Boutique. Both here and at Blue Hills Antique Mall you can find the "Curious Boys" booths. I love their style! Here are a few pictures:

Their prices are great and their displays are eclectic vintage garden/industrial salvage; I bought a great little tarnished silver dish from them and wish I had gotten a few other pieces.

After shopping Seguin and Geronimo, I stopped in San Marcos at a Goodwill  - the best impromptu shopping stop yet! I visited Goodwill in Lakeway a few weeks back and was kicking myself for not buying a cool glass canister, so I though I would stop and see if there was anything I couldn't live without at this location. I stumbled into one of their live auctions; the place was hopping! They had a great Christmas display of ornaments and accessories up front, followed with trees behind the smaller items. I found this amazing rusty wire tree wrapped in twigs/branches (Google failed me here - how else should I describe it?). It was a total steal and is absolutely perfect - I am not sure I can part with it! It will look great wrapped in lights on the front porch. The other awesome holiday items I bought from Goodwill include vintage ornaments, a cool old tin with a wintry scene, a decorative brass French Horn, and a great tree topper. Convinced I hit the holiday jackpot, I stopped by an Austin Goodwill on my way home from jury duty this week at was sorely disappointed in the lack of Christmas merchandise. But I won't give up yet - still plenty more Goodwills to visit!

I spent this past Sunday afternoon giving my booth a full holiday transformation, and I am rather pleased with the results. Hope you get to check it out in person!

 The sled in the old grocery cart lasted less than 8 hours in the booth!

And my new great cabinet, a Craigslist find!

Happy Veterans' Day to all and a very special birthday to my good friend Lauren's new baby girl, Landry Catherine! 11-11-11 ...what a great day to be born! Congratulations to the proud new parents! 

Happy weekend,


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  1. Ok friend, I know a lot of people out there that are not going to be happy with you giving up one of our secret places to shop, but how could you not share The Curious Boys and Beverly's shop. I haven't been that way in a while and so need to go to both. Love the tree, I've looked for one too for a few years, they have them in Canton for around $95, which I won't pay.


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