Barn Chic Antiques

Barn Chic Antiques

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love Llano!

I took a trip out west to my favorite shopping stops in the Hill Country last Saturday. Burnet and Llano never disappoint, and this trip was no exception. I will let the pictures and captions do the talking.

First up, Burnet:

Katty Korner  -  update: this quaint little shop closed :(

The newly-relocated DJ's Trading Post in Burnet (update: now called Finds!)

The Knot Hole

After Burnet, it is on to Llano (my favorite!!!). Here is the outside walkway to two of the best shops I have stepped foot in - Whimseys and Binky La Faye.

Bad glare on the amazing window displays at Binky's.

Great winter scenes at Binky's

How about this wedding dress Christmas tree with ornaments - so creative!  

Even more amazing (and professionally done) photos of Binky La Faye's can be found on her blog.

And wonderful Whimseys....

 I just love their color combinations - makes me realize not all beautiful displays have to be neutrals!

 And a treasure I passed on but have admired at least twice on shopping trips -

If this dress form is still standing on my next trip, it will be riding home with me!  I found some great goods that day and had fun saying hi to the friends I have made in these great small towns.

I checked my sales from the booth later that night, only to discover that my amazing craigslist cabinet lasted just 4 and a half days in my space!

I was in shock (and I have to admit sad) that it sold! Of course the goal is to move merchandise out the door, but I was so excited about how it looked and fit in the booth. So then I was in a panic to find a replacement. I had one in mind, but in the mean time, this is what I did to the booth last Sunday.

(Blogger is distorting the colors of all my uploaded photos tonight!) 

It was a temporary solution, as the green suitcase sold Sunday, but I already knew what I wanted to house more smalls - it was a great blue shabby shelving unit I saw at Whimseys in Llano last Saturday. A few phone calls and days later and it was on its way to Austin via one of the store owners and decorator extraordinaire, Debbie. I can't thank her enough for the delivery of this awesome piece! It was three inches wider than my SUV, so she hauled it to Austin in her truck. It looks even better than the other one and I hope I priced this one to stay for at least a little while! hour later, the photos still won't upload. We have the full week off from school and I am happy to be home in IL on the sheep farm, but sadly the Internet out here on the prairie doesn't seem to function well! Hopefully I can get them up soon - so check back! Thank you for reading and have a great week!


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