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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm loving my new marquee letters! I spent a good chunk of time sorting through hundreds of letters to try to spell out just a few words. The 'i' isn't very clear in the picture, but I think it is actually an exclamation mark - I just turned it upside down. As any teacher does, I have much experience with improvising! But this teacher is also constantly correcting papers and reminding students to capitalize the first letter in sentences, and especially the word "I." Guess I will make an exception this time. 

I went to the Big Red Barn Sale in Round Top last weekend and got some fun smalls, including this heart-shaped cookie cutter and several antique light bulbs that were on an old airport runway!

I also found some fun vintage Valentine's cards to add a little love to the booth.

Isn't this heart handkerchief fun?

See that red dish in the library card catalog drawer? It is no longer there due to yours truly attempting to slide the green table down and it shattering on the floor. :(  I can hardly believe that this is the first non-Christmas ornament that I have broken in the booth. That's not too bad of a track record for nine months I suppose.

I am looking forward to some good shopping at the Citywide Austin Garage Sale next weekend - I am thrilled that I have been selling lots of side tables, carts, and cabinets! Theresa, bring some goods for me to buy! My space is looking a little sparse; I have some inventory at home, but few pieces will fit in the small holes of the booth.

I am excited to reveal this shabby cabinet - it is so perfectly chippy! It is also the heaviest cabinet I have ever (attempted) to move. I have no idea how another girl and I loaded it into my car when I bought it.

The blue bookshelf has found a new home, as has that adorable suitcase.

Since the sale of the bookcase, the booth added a great Goodwill find - the tiered corner shelf.

It isn't in perfect condition, but with all the goods on it, the imperfections are hardly noticeable. Can you tell what's wrong with it?

 Stacked stools with an old encyclopedia.

I spent over three hours redoing the booth on Monday, playing Tetris with the new pieces I brought in and adding more burlap (unwashed of course) to the walls. BTW, I am sure I entertained a few shoppers as I attempted to hold the burlap against the top of the wall with my hands and use my feet to mark where I needed to cut the fabric. I think I looked like I was climbing a short rock wall with no rocks, harness, or spotters. Talk about improvising. Or maybe just stupid? I had a tape measure with me and just now realized I could have measured the length of the wall to get the right amount of fabric. Instead, my burlap looks like it was cut by a five year old. No worries - no one can see the bottom through all my junk in front of it.  

I took a break and walked around to a few of my favorites and had to stop and drool at Nancy's new larger space at the mall- I just love the industrial/garden/vintage/farm/shabby mix that she creates! So talented! 

It is always great to have vendors whose style you admire so close by.

Today was too nice of a day to spend in the car driving out west for shopping; instead, we cleared the front lawn of leaves and then I rearranged my junk in the garage. At this time last year, I had a smaller sedan and parked in the garage. Now, I have a giant SUV and it sits in the driveway, no hope of having any space in the junk-filled garage anytime in the near....ever. The sacrifices we make for antiquing!

i LOVE JUNK- and all my fellow junk-loving readers!

Have a chic week,


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  1. the big chippy cabinet!! I think we share the same passion for great're booth looks alot like ours! Happy Junkin" Joe & Glenn

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ahh!!! I love you guys! I was so excited to see you have a blog now...I featured your great space on a posting awhile back ( I have to get down to see your great finds soon! Hope to meet you both in the near future! Thanks for the kind comment!

  2. Hey, I'm looking for wooden crates to build a bookshelf. Let me know if you find any! (I bought that silver rack from you a few weeks back).

  3. I sure will, Bre! Hope you are loving your little cart! Thanks for reading!


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