Barn Chic Antiques

Barn Chic Antiques

Monday, January 2, 2012

New branding at Barn Chic Antiques


I am so excited to reveal my first official sign for the booth! Look at that awesome weathered wood with the hand-painted name - it almost looks like it was branded on the wood. It is so professional and I feel like I can establish the business name more at the booth with this simple sign. Can you imagine my surprise and happiness as I open this beautiful piece as a Christmas gift?!  My mother is so very creative and talented and made this for me; in fact, she made two additional signs that say "Spring" for my sister and me, and I am recommending she open an Etsy shop! She could make a killing with custom messages!
First thing on December 26, I proudly displayed it in the booth. It was just what I needed to give a little life back to the booth after all the glamour and glitz of Christmas came down. How perfect this sign is and I will treasure it forever.
As if that weren't enough, the next gift I opened made me speechless. A few months back, a very talented and sweet vendor, Karen, at one of my favorite places in Burnet (now call Finds) had these great pricetags that she made with old pictures of her family. I told her Karen that I might have to steal that idea and then mentioned it to my mom to see about finding some old family photos. Fast forward to Christmas Eve and I unwrap a box that is filled with perhaps a hundred different tags printed with pictures of her and my dad's family farms that my mom created - and of course they are professional grade! 

I absolutely love the pictures' livestock, old barns, and of course shots of my mom, dad, uncle, and grandfather in these old photos. I have family footprints all over my booth, from merchandise to pricetags, and this makes it so much more meaningful. It is nice to know that what was once enjoyed by your family can go on to be enjoyed by another family. These gifts not only brought me so much joy, but have also really started to 'brand' to my business. I can't thank you enough, Mom! I love all that you do for me and the booth; I continue to learn so much from you but don't know how you do it all!
I tried to show some of my favorites, but my technology is not cooperating with changing the direction of the picture! Maybe just turn your head sideways or your computer upside down to get the idea? 

The pictures used to create the pricetags.

I am enjoying putting out new merchandise with my beautiful new tags!

Speaking of new merchandise, here are some pictures of the booth sans holiday decor. It saddened me a bit to put it all away and it looks a little sparse right now, but I am already excited for all the upcoming shows in Texas to pick up some fun spring finds. 


I've had this gold mirror since before opening the booth and it was a perfect save to go with the new ironstone platter with beautiful gold edging and floral design.


A fun new cabinet!

The ornaments were replaced by skeleton keys on the display rack. The Real Estate sign was actually in my grandfather's garage and was used for his target practice - it is filled with lots of little holes and just adds to the character! I have loved thinking of him whenever I see it.

To all my librarian friends out there - look at this old card catalog drawer! And a big thanks to my sister for the great cigar box above it!

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays with family and friends making lots of lasting memories! May your 2012 be off to a great start!

Have a chic week!


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