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Barn Chic Antiques

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My kind of gardening

I sure love to admire gardens, but the green thumb in my family stopped at my sister. A few weeks back, my mom (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!) helped me with my annual spring planting; last weekend, I finished up planting some larger purple fountain grass. My 'gardening' is really the equivalent of me providing a feast for the area deer, and probably comedy for my neighbors as I attempt to dig into limestone. If, by some chance, Bambi doesn't eat my plants, then the drought kills them or strong winds blow them over. Yet, I am persistent and have high hopes for my most recent deer and drought resistant crop.

But one of my favorite blogs, Curious Boys, does my kind of gardening:


You think that would look good next to my mailbox?

Boys, I have some of your great tall crusty garden art in my flower bed out front. So far it has survived the deer, drought, and wind!

Follow Joe and Glenn as they perfect the art of pursuing imperfections. Here is another one of my favorites from their garden:

(Both photos are from
Have a chic week!



  1. Hi SARAH . . . THANKS for showing off our FUNKY gardening style . . . it's soooo much fun, and the horses next door seem to love it !! THANKS AGAIN & TAKE CARE ! JOE & GLENN

    1. Ok I feel like a copy cat - I just read the Faded Charm blog that also featured you guys! I swear I hadn't seen it yet! Guess it was your day!!!!!

    2. SARAH . . . WE FEEL TWICE BLESSED !! Thank You Again, JOE & GLENN

  2. I love their blog too - those screen doors are awesome!


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