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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New School Goes Old School

Just as I was typing the title of this post, the song "School's Out for Summer" popped into my head. I can hardly believe we are down to our last two weeks of school!

I have been spending a bit more time in our middle school library these last few weeks because my students are doing a research project with our awesome librarian. Being in the library makes me realize just how great our new school is; our school library is as big as the one in my hometown! We just celebrated our ten year anniversary as a campus and wow, our kids have amazing resources at their fingertips in our beautiful new building. They also have the wonders of technology to help them with research - did you know that they don't even have to learn the grueling steps to creating a bibliography anymore? MLA, APA, alphabetizing, ampersands, citing of pages, using correct abbreviations, inverse indenting, ugh! Now, this way cool online database does all that and more for them after they input the necessary information. Unbelievable!

Despite learning all these great new tools for research, I find myself distracted in the library - by all the great displays of junk! That's right, there are amazing vintage finds all over our library thanks to the funky eclectic style of our librarian. Paulette moved to our campus this year from the elementary down the street, and when I first walked in the library this fall and saw train cases sitting under the front bench, I knew we would have lots to talk about! Vintage window displays, mason jars, old records, globes, a shabby white cabinet, suitcases, movie reels, trunks, velvet riding helmets, board games, an old school desk, sporting equipment....this woman has great taste!

I just had to share her style on here because I am pretty certain it is underappreciated by her 11-14 year old patrons (though our students are great and probably ask her lots of questions about the cool old stuff).

Take a look at how she warms up the huge space:

Do you see that oar on the middle shelf? I have one just like it at the booth!


Look at that great view and the helmets up above the window.

I just found these boots on the shelf last week! I wonder if the kids try them on?

Go Cougars! Cute banner. 

Here she is! It is no surprise this library is always filled with students -
she has created such an inviting and inspiring environment. 

Check out this necklace that her sister made from typewriter keys -
she sells these on Etsy.
I need to get the shop link to share with you after I get one!

I have so enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Rodriguez this year and explore her treasures around the library. I shared my blog with her several months back and am now excited to say that she too has a blog about her vintage finds - My Junk Obsession. In her latest post she describes herself as the 'quintessential librarian of the 1950's' - I say she is the perfect combination of old school charm with modern day funk. Our students are so lucky to have such a caring librarian. And I am glad to have a friend to talk with about treasure hunting!

Nine more days of school....but who's counting?
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  1. Thanks for the words of praise. I so appreciate the support and encouragement you continue to give me. The students and I are so lucky to work with you.

  2. What an inviting space she has created for the students! Love the game boards on the wall!New to your blog thought I would pop over and say hi! Traci

    1. Hi Traci! Thanks for stopping by! Ironically, I visited your blog just this past week too! I love your reputation as the 'dumpster diving girl.' Looks like you find lots of great treasures...the midwest is certainly full of them! Have fun!


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