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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Junk Salvation Show Snapshots

As promised in Friday's blog post, here are lots of photos and some great vendors I met or just went all paparazzi style on at the Junk Salvation Show in Manor last weekend. It was quite the setting at an old ghost town, which made for great backdrops for all the vintage goods. Other than taking in the scenery, my favorite part was talking with many of the super friendly vendors. I just love chatting with fellow junk lovers, and there were some great ones here!  

 This shot is looking back at the entrance between the two trailers.
There were three awesome trailers at this show.

You know what's crazy about this vendor? I recognized the furniture from my time as a Craigslist stalker (I can't wait to get back to that this summer), and after looking up her business, All in White Shabby Chic Designs, I think I live within a mile or so of her! Hey Billie - we're neighbors!

Those antlers probably came from all the deer in the neighborhood where Billie and I live.

I really wanted to haul that barn door away but I wasn't sure it would fit in my car.

I don't think I got to talk to the owner of this great tarnished silver display. Sorry!

The White Lion was beyond words. I love the whimsical displays with lace and burlap, and though I am typically not a fan of the ballgown look, this might have changed my mind! 

I like the petticoat that dresses up a dress form.
And the two-legged table attached to the wall is a great idea to reuse
something that may otherwise seem obsolete.

In order to get trendy accessories, I need to visit a beach, pick up snorkeling, and bring back some coral and sea shells. I can write it off as a business expense, right? Just kidding, IRS. Just kidding.

Judging by the table decor, I think this might be the same vendor I saw at City Wide a few months ago.
Theresa, I think this is the same table! There was a sign in the space that said The White Lion, but I couldn't find any links for them - if anyone knows, send it to me and I will add it!

I just LOVED the duo that is Junk Palace and The Veranda.
The patina on their lawn furniture and garden decor was just perfect. 

The broken fence behind this vignette couldn't have been better staged!

Maggie makes this amazing jewelry using vintage goods. See those cuff bracelets on the rope and the little scooter? (btw, great accent pieces!) They are made from the skins of baseballs and softballs! So those overpriced baseballs I bought a few months back might serve a new purpose in case I get possessed and start crafting. I thought I was bad with burlap - could you imagine the damage I would do with trying to make my own jewelry? I should have just bought one from the experts - perhaps I will if I get to Canton!

Yet another great idea if I had a crafting bone in my body. I should have bought some of these.

Spoon jewelry, bingo cards, a mannequin, and a square suitcase - love it!

Paulette, I thought of you when I saw these old stamps! Makes me remember my days at the library when you would write your name on the card to check out a book and the librarian would stamp the due date in the book. I loved seeing who else in my small town had checked out the book before me.
I bet my hometown probably still uses the cards and stamps.

I took a picture of this sign to help me remember the vendor's name. Then I actually read the "Flown the Coop" name from my picture and fell in love with that business name! Very cute.
I remember shopping at her tent in Warrenton too.
She has eclectic finds ranging from shabby to industrial.  

Something else I just noticed in the picture but not in person - all those tiny glass bottles! I love little glass bottles and would have bought some if I noticed them then. 

Next up is Le French Laundry. I wrote about meeting her at City Wide on a post several months ago, and she provided my inspiration to attempt to make a pillow. I think I need to hire her for private lessons. I didn't  have the chance to talk with Rebecca at this show, but I did take lots of pictures of her talents for you!
 I even read on the Junk Salvation blog that her bags were purchased by 
L'Oreal for New York Fashion Week! 

Now for a local Austin vendor, Junk 4 Joy. I love her company name too! So witty these junkers!

Loving those towels with birds. I'll stitch up one of those after I make my baseball cuff bracelet. 

On to Shabby Junque Couture. I love the colorful pieces that Crystal featured.
I really adore that chippy mirror and it isn't every day that you see pink longhorns.

Speaking of pink, how about a hot pink Christmas tree?

Is that not perfect?! I tried to find an online link for the vendor but was unsuccessful. EDIT - I found her! And the ironic part is that I met her and chatted with her for quite a while at the Country Living show!
Go check out Julie at Vintage Soul TX and stay tuned for my CL Fair post with a story about her!

And how about this display? Not sure I can say I've ever seen body parts quite like this one.

It was so good it deserves a close up!

These pictures are taken from Pocket Full of Heirlooms' booth. I am running out of words to use other than great, amazing, creative, whimsical...but all those apply to the treasures and displays here.

Shopper down!
One of my favorite scenes yet.

What a great show it was! Thank you to Dixie and Linda for being the masterminds behind the fun. 

Nothing like salvation at the ghost town. 


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  1. Wow, what a trip. It is nice. It really looks so vintage.

  2. Oh man, now I'm sad I didn't go!!! I was going to go as I follow Crystal on FB, but decided it was too hot and I had other things to get done. Darn it. Thanks for sharing the photos. How fun! Next year!!

  3. Y'all have some of the best stuff in TX. We just went to our "forever home" this weekend and I can't wait to get moved. There is so much stuff there that is fabulous, junky and chippy.

  4. Thanks for that sweet little write up! I am so sad I never had the chance to get around and take photos of everything or everyone! I have yet to write my blog too. thanks again!

    1. Hey Crystal! I tried to check out your blog but my computer warned me there might be a virus...darn it! I have never seen a warning like that before, but I hope I can follow you soon!

  5. Hey Sarah!! Alas, we meet again!! The "vintage" sign is mine!!! Vintage Soul TX on Facebook!! We met at the Country Living Show.....I was the one who bought the green petticoat and you took a picture of!! What sweet words you have said about each and every vendor! It really was a sight to behold at Junk Salvation!! xoxo, Julie

    1. Ok Julie, that is just CRAZY!!!!! I have started the draft for my big Country Living Post and I absolutely love the picture of you with your green tutu - or petticoat as you call it! I will edit this edition and get some links in there and tell the story in the next post. Hoping to see you real soon! ~ Sarah

    2. Your awesome Sarah!! It was so good meeting you but I'm a little apprehensive about what the picture with the green "thing" is gonna look like!!! Talk with you soon!!!

  6. What a great write of the Junk Salvation Show. My sister and I originally intended to be vendors there, but after the LONG stint at Warrenton, we were too exhausted to try another show with everything else we had going on. Thanks for letting me "see" the show through your eyes. All the vendor's booth look fantastic.

    1. Y'all keep me posted on where you will be next! I do love a good show and with summer around the corner, this teacher will be out and about more. Would love to see you soon! ~Sarah

  7. Hi... thank you so much for taking time to share the great weekend that I and others had to miss. Was such a joy to see everything. If I were a vendor, I'd have one problem...I'd want to buy everything from everyone else! So many wonderful things. I hope a lot of it sold and that you all did good 'business-wise'. I know now what size of vehicle I need to buy for going to these kind of shows - a big one! You commented on the barn door - I was wanting the picket fences! Thanks again for sharing! It is so appreciated! Laurie

  8. Hey Sarah! The show is coming up again in May! Come see me or call me! 709-8437 Billie with All In White Designs


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