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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Honey, look what I bought!

Before Andrew has a heart attack, I must say that I am kidding. I did not buy this bus. (Or haven't yet at least.) I am, however, getting a kick out of envisioning his reaction if I were to drive this thing home and park it on the curb. Or better yet, pull it halfway into the garage and have it hang out onto the street. If I were to buy it (since it is still for sale...), I would have so much more room for junk than I do now! My current vehicle holds up to 7 passengers, and this one could accommodate 65; according to my calculations by rounding to the tens place, that's almost TEN TIMES as much junk to haul! 

How could you not want the Cool Bus? It is a cool magnet.

I am toying with the idea of giving the seller a call to see if I can take it for a test drive. Imagine how much fun I could have taking the Cool Bus on a spin! I might have to show up with fifty of my favorite people. This is one of the few only times that having my CDL and driving a school bus actually comes in handy!

I probably should explain why I have my CDL. Here in TX, many school districts require their coaches to also drive the bus to their game/meet/match. When I first heard of this 'duty,' I thought they were kidding. But they were very serious - I put off getting the training for as long as I could until I was told it had to be done. Once you get over the initial fear of getting behind the wheel, it really isn't that bad (other than the whole driving other people's kids around thing). I have to say I was a pretty quick learner - my bus trainer told me it was all that tractor driving back home! Showing my driver's license often gets a chuckle out of the clerk or TSA agent who asks incredulously, "You have your CDL?!"  

My answer will now be: "Yes. I drive the Cool Bus."

Just picture me right there in the driver's seat. 

The wheels on the bus go round & round, round & round, round & round....

Just so you don't hate me for putting that song in your head, here are some pictures of my booth at the Austin Antique Mall. This bus is parked on the same street of our mall in case you are interested in checking it out (and I haven't bought yet). Seriously, I have a picture of the contact information and stats should you really want to know more about the bus. But now, what you have been waiting for:

Have a chic week! 

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  1. I would love to park that in the driveway and video tape my hubbys reaction. He told the guys he works with that sometimes he is scared to pull in the driveway because he never knows what I have brought home. your post is too funny,thanks for the laugh. I love your booth wish i was closer to buy some of your stuff. take care Tobey


  2. You should buy it and paint it turquoise! And you could charge people for taking them on junking trips - so really, it's an investment : ) Your booth looks awesome!

  3. omg. love it. you should definitely get it! mom found one that was dropped off at the scrap metal yard in uvalde that is still running. she also wants to buy it-like, really badly. I think they would be so much more handy than pretty much anything else out there...aside from the maneuvering of it (for me anyways). fun post! :) your space looks great!

  4. A small update: the bus had moved down the street as of this morning, and the 'for sale' signs are no longer in the windows! I bet it sold. But it was fun reading everyone's ideas and I didn't have one person tell me not to get it - well, except maybe Andrew. :) Thank you all for reading!

  5. In case you're still wanting a bus, there's a vendor at Fredericksburg Trade Days that has converted an old school bus into an RV. At one time they had a for sale sign posted but I never checked the inside. It is a fun idea to think of driving an "official" junk bus, kind of like the Junk Gypsies' Big Bertha pink Suburban.


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