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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mailbox love

One of my most favorite items I sold was a beat up rusty old mail box. It was actually the mailbox we had when I was growing up, and the thing got beat with a baseball bat by some up-to-no-good teenagers more than a few times. There isn't much to do in a small town, but we did have a summer league. Perhaps they considered this batting practice?

Rather than replace the mailbox each time this happened, my parents were smart enough to just hammer out the dent and keep using it. So it had some extra charm and patina from years of weathering and abuse. I brought it to TX last summer after a drive home and sold it within a month to some very sweet vendors in the mall who were going to use it to display pumpkins for the fall.  

Since selling that mailbox, I have sold two others. They make great umbrella stands for an entryway, and one of my friends used a smaller rusty white one I had for her sister's wedding - guests placed cards inside of it. Great idea! 

The location of my parents' mailbox moved several years back from off the blacktop road to just down their lane. This is when they parted with the beat up box and opted for a nice black mailbox to match the neighbor's. 
Lovely landscaping by my talented gardening mother.  
She also had this mailbox at home...hum, this might have to make it home with me next time I drive!

When I was in IL visiting earlier this summer, I noticed our other neighbor's mailbox had uniquely weathered. I told my mom I was half-tempted to go offer to buy them a new mailbox so I could take theirs. 

 Marbled weathering - love it!

I hadn't even arrived in Austin yet when my mom texted to say that the mailbox was no longer in its unique state. The neighbor's daughter had just put a fresh coat of paint on it. 

It does look nice now.
Guess I would call this a  missed opportunity.

Have a chic week!

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  1. I love mailboxes also. The rustier and chippier the better. I have also seen them mounted on a post in the garden to hold garden supplies but I haven't gotten that far with mine.
    PS.. I love your parents white patio glider in the background of one mailbox picture. I am so in love with those gliders!
    Have a good one.

  2. For sure that mailbox has a sentimental value for you. With a little paint and repair, whoever bought that item can turn it to a new looking mailbox. That was a good storage for all of your mails.


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