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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Junk Gypsy and Rachel Ashwell Inspired Shopping

I just love the Junk Gypsies. My DVR is filled with episodes that I have watched multiple times. Andrew keeps trying to delete them, but I tell him that despite having watched an episode four times, I am not done with them yet. Each time I watch, I learn a new place to visit, a new trick to try, or a new trend in design. I truly find inspiration from the show and they make things I find intimidating to look so easy! Since watching the show, I purchased a sander and have taken the hammer to a few pieces. I also have the desire to take a shot gun to add charm to some buckets, but I don't think I will run out and buy firearms anytime soon.  

On a few recent episodes, Amie and Jolie head to nearby Brenham, TX from their home base of Round Top to find some funky treasures to decorate spaces. Brenham is home to famed Blue Bell Ice Cream; I had only been there once to buy my current junking vehicle - guess you could say that trip to Brenham was the official start of Barn Chic Antiques! I wanted to take a trip back to Brenham to hit up the hot spots where the Junk Gypsies shop.

The cute town square with the Antique Gypsy store in the gray. 

Some fun pictures of the Antique Gypsy's decor. 

It is hard to tell from the picture, but this lamp had beautiful birds on it - love!

Next up was Hermann Furniture and Antique Store. I have to admit this was the best [new] furniture store in which I have ever been! There were great accessories like pillows and bags that were very reasonably priced - and they have the charm of vintage. Take a look: 

This is a picture of The Brown Shed's space in the antique section. 

I love both birds and burlap - had to get this pillow for my bedroom!

I had a lot of fun shopping in Brenham, but because it was a Monday, several of the shops were closed - so I had some time to spare and hoped to hit up a few places in Round Top. I searched Theresa's blog to find her post about a few places to visit - she recommended a new place, Emma Lee Turney's, but sadly it too is closed on Mondays. Her other recommendation was Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie - ever since I learned of its existence sometime last spring in little Round Top, TX, I have wanted to visit. I mean, Rachel Ashwell pretty much created the Shabby Chic movement over twenty years ago. Perhaps you have seen her line, Simply Shabby Chic, at Target. Though her products are in many stores including Target, Michael's, and furniture stores, she has only four stores of all Rachel Ashwell merchandise: London, New York, L.A., and ... Round Top, TX (population 90).

The website said to call about store hours, so I called to see if they are open. A nice lady answers the phone and I say, "Oh, great, I called to see if you are open and I guess you are!" She told me that they weren't actually open, but she invited me over to take a look since she was working in the store rearranging. She asked how long it would be before I got there, and I guessed about thirty minutes. She said OK, so I typed the address into my trusty smartphone and headed out of Brenham. 

I very much trusted the phone and watched my vehicle, the blue dot, get closer to the red dot, my destination. One of the directions was to turn onto Wagner Road from FM 389...the road actually looked like a driveway and I drove past it the first time. My blue dot starts heading off course so I realize my mistake and turn back on course...which took me to this gravel road - with over two more miles to go!

I am still trusting my phone, and drive down the dusty road.
I pass this beautiful windmill and had to stop for a picture. 

Finally, my blue dot aligns with my red dot on my phone and it thinks I have arrived at my destination. This is what I see up the tiny gravel driveway.  
Could that really be it? I thought for sure I was in the wrong spot.

Just as I was reversing, I see this banner on the fence. Guess I was here after all?

Loving this rustic Texas mailbox. 

I venture up the lane in hopes I am not trespassing, and then see this great rusted out truck with "The Prairie" logo. I must be here!

At this point I wasn't sure which building was the store, and then I catch a glimpse of the shabby sign.

[Sorry for the Blogger problem with colors here.] I go up to the door and knock. I was greeted by the very sweet and gracious Marie (I think that's her name! How awful of me to be unsure about this - I was so caught up by the surroundings I might have been a little distracted!). She invites me in to take a look around. We get to talking, I bought a fun t-shirt, and before I know it, she is taking me on a full tour of the property! I can't even express how amazingly beautiful this place is. I adore it and want to so badly to stay there at some point. You most definitely need to visit Rachel's blog to see for yourself how gorgeous it is (and you can see even more pictures here). I did take a few photos of the outside of the buildings, but they don't even begin to do the place and its scenery justice. The Prairie is simply country perfection, renovated to modern standards yet with the charm of the past preserved. 

Marie told me lots of stories about the buildings and some of the decor choices. They are a special event venue as well, and I can only imagine how gorgeous this setting is for weddings. I did find some pretty amazing pictures of a couple's elopement (my kind of couple!) at The Prairie.

Best of all, the people of The Prairie are so warm and inviting - just as a Bed and Breakfast should be. I wasn't even there for an hour but I felt welcomed and at home. Marie, I can't say thank you enough for making my Monday memorable. I had a great time and I do hope to make it for a longer stay in the future! I hear Danny's breakfasts are mouthwatering. 

Should guests drive in the appropriate entrance, this is the side of the house that faces them.  

This symbol is the graphic on the t-shirt I bought; the U.S. flag, flown atop the Texas state flag, followed by Rachel's home country of England. Little did I know that the lane you see on the far right of the picture is the actual entrance to the property. I learned as I drove past it on my way into Round Top that I came up the back driveway! Guess the smartphone doesn't know everything...

In case you ever visit, this is the view of the house you should see! 

What a day it was - started out visiting some fun places in Brenham, then toured the most wonderful bed and breakfast, and even got to see a practice concert of young musicians at Festival Hill - which is another one of those places you wonder, "How did this come to be in tiny Round Top, TX?" I had never heard of this magnificent place until I saw it on Junk Gypsies, and Marie suggested I stopped by as they would be having a rehearsal. I am so glad I did! 

I sure enjoy watching Amie and Jolie Sikes' adventures in junking and decorating - and I thank them for inspiring mine! 

Happy 4th of July and may your celebrating be safe. 

Have a chic rest of week, 

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  1. You visited all my fav places. I've mentioned Festival Hill several times as this place is my absolute fav place to visit, my piece of Heaven in Texas.

    1. Can't thank you enough for the ideas! Had a great time and will go back sometime to see your space in at Emma Lee's! Hope to see you at City Wide in a few weeks.

  2. Wow, do I feel like you are in my head... I love me some Junk Gypsies and also watch them over and over and pick up something new every time... and I feel the same way that you do about Rachel Ashwell... lucky you for that experience!

    Michele (Vintage Remix)

    1. Thanks for reading Michele! Glad I am not the only one who can watch those episodes over and over! I just watched the very first one again and wish I could use a hand day, right?

  3. Hey SARAH . . . Now you have us thinkin' about WARRENTON !!! Great Pics as always, and I would've LOVED those FAKE CAMPING LOGS in my bedroom . . . JUNK GYPSIES ROCK ! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

    1. Joe and Glenn - I too am already excited about Warrenton! Just when you were responding to my blog, I was buying an awesome chippy rusty shelf from y'all!! A few ladies were also buying lots of Curious Boys goods! Hope you guys are well!

    2. SARAH . . . So you're the one ! We Love that shelf . . . THANKS!! JOE & GLENN

  4. What a great post. My sisters and Mom and I were in Brenham in June to tour the Blue Bell Factory but didn't make it to the cool antique stores. Your post makes me want to go back.
    I so enjoy the Junk Gypsies and am so proud of how they are promoting our business. Your trip to Round Top and Rachel Ashwell's makes me want to get back there before Antique Week in the Fall.
    Thanks for sharing, Betsy

  5. Thanks for the tour. Sounds like an amazing day. I just received Rachel's latest book from my mother. The pics of the B and B look amazing. Someday....

    1. Thanks for reading! And for telling me about this latest book that I will have to go get!!! I want to actually stay at the B & B soon....if I do, you better believe I will share all about it!

  6. I just visited Hermann's in Brenham at Christmas and found such cute little treasures! We are in LaGrange..not too far!. I also photographed a wedding at Festival Hill this time last year. It was so charming and magical! And I can relate on the deleting of the Junk Gypsies episodes...the hubs just doesn't get it! :)

    I'm your newest follower!


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