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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I bought a sweater today

It was 101 this afternoon. In the shade. It was too hot to even go swimming. I'm not complaining - this summer has been mild for TX standards. But instead of enjoying any outside activities, I made the short drive up I-35 to Georgetown, TX and visited the relatively new and completely adorable boutique, Blends. The shop is located at 4320 Williams Drive, about three miles west of I-35. You'll know you're there when you see the old Studebaker out front! 

Though Georgetown is but 30 miles from where we live in Austin, I thought I would never get there. Gotta love I-35 between Austin and Dallas; interstate and feeder road in full-on parking lot mode. 

Finally, I arrive and am greeted by a fence full of white bicycles and my favorite word ever, SALE!

This store could not be cuter and the owners could not be nicer. I got there just after 4:00 and left at 5:30 - and they close at 5:00. Can you believe that I spent at least 45 minutes just chatting? Me neither. :) I never do that! I so enjoyed talking shop with Diane and Roger; check out this great article about the couple and the store's start. 

I first remember meeting Diane about five years ago when I first attended the Fredericksburg Trade Days with my sister. I bought this little vintage pillow from Diane way back then. 

I also bought this awesome mercury glass vase (which I dropped and broke the top of):

They work nicely together in our guest bedroom 
(which will never ever be a man cave, ahem). 

I have since seen Diane's sweet stuff at Gatherings in Georgetown, as well as at Zapp Hall during Antique Week. Their furniture is pretty amazing and I fell in love with this 100 year old cabinet at Warrenton this spring:

When I heard they had a shop, I knew it had to be good! That it is; the pictures I took don't come close to capturing the charm of this boutique.


I didn't even notice the furniture out front until I was leaving! Guess I will have to go back soon to visit again.

It is always an extra special treat to find clothing or accessories when out junking in small towns - I honestly forget about how many little boutiques carry fun garments and jewels. But this shop takes the cake when it comes to attire - Diane is a walking model for her style and I couldn't resist the sale rack to see if I could take some style home with me. I did indeed find two great pieces. I love the uniqueness of boutique wearables and fondly remember the trips where I found them each time I wear them.

I hope I can remember this trip by the time I get to wear the sweater that I bought today. Who in Texas buys a sweater in July?! Since this is really only a half sweater, I anticipate having a reason to wear it sometime in November. 

Huge thanks to Diane and Roger for being so hospitable today - and for having exactly what I needed to make some vintage crafts. What a great trip it was. 

Have a chic week,

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  1. My best friend lives in Georgetown so this shop is now on my list of places to visit - looks awesome!

    1. You will love it! And then come visit Barn Chic Antiques too!

  2. Sarah, I'm glad you found Diane and Rogers's shop. Elaine and I got to see it for the first time at the beginning of July and loved it. We've been friends with them for a long time and new the shop would be as outstanding as their booths.

  3. I think a man cave is a great idea! All men should have one.

    1. Dear Anonymous (aka my husband),

      Your man cave is our living room.

      I am glad you are reading my blog, esp. during the men's basketball game of the Olympics.

      Your loving wife

  4. Sarah, I've been wanting to go to Diane's shop, maybe soon I will. Did I tell you how I really enjoyed visiting with you at FBTD and my husband thinks you are just the sweetest, as do I!! Hoping to see you at City Wide in a few weeks.

  5. I simply must check this cute little place out! LOL! Maybe you can come with? :o)

  6. Sarah, I met Diane and Roger this summer in Canton! She is so beautiful and he was charming! I would LOVE to see their shop - you took great pictures of everything. They are super sweet. Wish First Monday didn't fall on Barn Sale weekend so we could have them join us for the Barn Sale!

    Confession: I, too, bought a sweater in July - last weekend at Haberdashery in Fredericksburg! Couldn't resist the sale price! I'll probably wear it one of the days of the Barn Sale!

    Enjoyed your post!
    ♥ Tracy

  7. Thanks for sharing this charming shop...I saw so many wonderful those white very "cool"!!!



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