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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A week of firsts

My last week of summer has been filled with several firsts. I guess I am a procrastinator and I am working well under the pressure as I try to attack all the remaining items on my summer to-do list (except that whole 'lesson planning' thing... hopefully procrastination is on my side with this one as well next week).

Here are some firsts for this week:

-I used my power drill and kinda like it. Actually I really like it.

-I drilled a hole through metal, which I honestly didn't even know I could do with just a power drill.

-I broke a drill bit.

-I thought to myself, "I really need a work bench." And, "The lighting in this garage is not good."

-I bought a vice.

-The said vice was completely covered in grease when I opened it and I got a non-cooking grease stain on my shorts.

-I "tamped" the fabric in attempt to loosen the stain.

-I spray painted a protective coating over rusty farm implements.

-I pruned [plants]. Maybe I am my mother's daughter after all!

-I am stripping pink paint off my front door. Wish I could say I am done with this but I have several hours (or days) of work still ahead of me. And then I suppose I have to stain it?

-I redeemed a coupon for housecleaning and a man showed up to clean my house - and did a great job. Not that I was doubting him, but still.

-I inadvertently ordered a "New" Mexican martini at Chuy's when intending to get the 'old' Mexican martini. The 'new' version is infused with green chili peppers - it came with lots of spices in it and I thought there was no way I would like it. Turns out I loved it - the mix of spicy with sweet was great!

What would have made this week of firsts even better is if I was drinking the martini while the man was cleaning my house...

I will leave you with my before picture of my front door. I sure hope I can provide an after picture with the door a shade of wood rather than mauve in the near future.

Have a chic rest of the week!



  1. That door looks like a big job - just keep reminding yourself how GREAT it will look once complete!!

    1. I most certainly need those reminders!!! You are right - big project. I may be in over my head, esp. since I go back to work on Monday! I won't give up yet. I just hope I don't ruin it; I may be longing for the mauve after all!

  2. I lovin your week of firsts! Looks like I'm behind on some of those things. And some of them I'm not putting on my list! Can't wait to see how the door turns out! Don't give up! We're rootin for you, righ here from our little keyboards. Go, Go, Go!!!

    1. Oh my - Stephanie is right - that door is a big job! The crown molding on it will be the death of me! But I will keep scraping away on is beautiful underneath all that pink!

  3. You are the woman -- a can-do woman! Have a great first week of school. J.


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