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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winnie & Tulula's on the road HOME from Canton

Part 3 of the Canton Trilogy

My shopping time at Canton totaled less than three hours; knowing it took me nearly double the time it should on my way there the day before, I factored in some distraction time for the way home as well. There were several stops I knew I wanted to make, and the first one was just 20 miles out of Canton in Athens, TX. The famed Winnie & Tulula's is located in a gorgeous old building on the square in this quaint East Texas town. 

I have been reading about Winnie & Tulula's for over a year and a half now. I follow their blog and have  read others' posts about visits there, so I couldn't wait to stop and see for myself just how amazing this place is. I absolutely loved it! There are so many factors that make this store unlike most any other; here are my favorites:

-it is in a beautiful old historic building with the most gorgeous chippy, brick-exposed walls and old wood floors. 
-the shop combines furniture with antiques with inspiring vignettes with handmade linens. The perfect mix of old with new, vintage charm with modern practicality.
-it has an adorable little bistro (Sweet Pea Bistro & Espresso Bar) with delicious food right there in the store! 

You could spend the day at this place! (To my IL readers - this phrase reminds me of Mary's commercials for Goods in Kewanee!) I didn't spend the full day, but I browsed and admired for well over an hour. Here is what I saw: 

The inviting outside. 

Chandeliers, chiffon, and a farm table set for dinner....heaven.

I took a cup of tomato basil soup to go from the Bistro - it was so good!

There is quite a selection of clothing here, including a line from Magnolia Pearl.

All of the pictures above are from the left side of the store, which showcases more furniture/linens/design inspiration - it is an interior decorator's dream world. On the right side, you will find all the antique booths filled with an abundance of weathered and aged treasures. Make sure you check out the exposed wall showing in several pictures - you can't recreate that look and it makes an amazing backdrop for these booths.

I adored this little blue dresser.

What a great idea for these old plow spacers - vases!

Look at that wall!

The natural light was great for shopping - not so great for my pictures, sorry.


The next few pictures are from another great blogger I follow, Margo from Margo's Junkin Journal.

I actually didn't realize this was Margo's space until I noticed that the dress form I was admirning said RUFF on the tag - I recognized that as the name of her Etsy shop.
I couldn't pass this little lady up. The purchase was even sweeter knowing that I bought it from a vendor and fellow blogger who I  feel I know (though I've never met). This precious dress form ties with the golden chairs for my favorite find from my trip. 

The drive home included stops at shops in Athens, Corsicana, Kerens, and Temple. I made record time back to Austin from Canton -  it only took me seven and a half hours to get home! It was a great trip and I am so glad I went. Thanks for joining me on a recap of my journey!

Have a chic week,


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  1. Great call on making the drive to Athens! We love W&T's!!

  2. I had to laugh that it took you 7 1/2 hrs to get back, girl you sound like us. When we road trip we do it good as did you. I love W&T, there's always something inspirational here. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by. I noticed she was gone today, and I'm glad to see she found a good home. If it's OK, I'm going to link this blog post up over on the WT blog. We do that when people come visit and write about it.

    Thanks again,


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