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Friday, August 3, 2012

The road to Canton (with pictures!)

This week marked my maiden voyage to the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. I figured August would be the perfect time to experience this mecca flea market - I would be the only crazy shopper enduring the 108 degree day, right? In my defense, I figured it was now or not again until next summer since I will be back to school in just a few weeks. Many fellow vendors told me to hit the show prior to opening day as many show dealers set up as early as Monday prior to the first Monday of the month. 

So I ventured out on Tuesday; it wasn't early, but it was bright. I didn't have a real agenda for the day, but planned to stay in Canton that evening and then get up to hit the show on Wednesday morning. Canton is about 215 miles from Austin and people say it takes roughly 4 hours to get there. Um, it took me nearly 8 hours. I left at 9:45 and got there at 5:30. No, there wasn't any hold up on I-35 this time, and I was excited that half of the trip wasn't even on 35. There were just way too many awesome stores to shop along the way!   

The very first stop on my journey was the touristy town of Salado. I hadn't actually shopped Salado since Barn Chic Antiques was born, and sadly I didn't get to shop any antique stores this time either since all the ones I attempted to visit are closed on Tuesdays. You just never know with this industry - some are closed on Mondays, others on Sundays, some on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and a few are only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In case you are headed that way, avoid Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Salado. 

So I kept on and made it less than 10 miles before stopping in Belton. I really loved the displays and treasures here at the Moore Garrett & Co Antique Mall/Belton Antique Mall. This place is huge - two full stories in a beautiful old building downtown.  


On the road again... the next town that distracted me: Lorena. It turns out that this teeny tiny town on the west side of I-35 has quite the cute little downtown. I only went to the antique mall, Center Street Antiques, but really wish I visited the shop pictured here with the great porch.   

There are a few boutiques as well.

The antique mall looks very inviting! I found the flatware I was on the hunt for here at a great price.

I actually managed to get another 45 miles before I made my next stop. (Well, technically I went through the Starbucks drive through in Waco, but I didn't get out of the car, so that doesn't count as a stop. It was a very memorable drive through experience as the car in front of me purchased my drink - how cool is that? I have heard of this but it has never happened to me and I need to make sure to 'pay it forward!) 

I was disappointed that a store I wanted to visit in Waco is closed on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but Roger and Diane of Blends recommended I stop at the Hubbard Antique Mall. I spent quite a bit of time browsing through this spacious facility. I also worked up quite a sweat in this un-air-conditioned building - it was 105 when I was there. This of course made me fearful of how hot I would be in Canton since just shopping indoors was making me sweat. I just loved looking at their large warehouse of consignment furniture and found some very fun pieces. 

This antique is elegant and comfortable - there is a teddy bear taking a nap on the couch. 

Gotta love the Texas flag. I think of my friend Meegan every time I see a TX flag on the wall since she had one in her dorm room  across the hall from me freshman year! 

Orange is awesome.

Wish I had a reason for this pair! They seem so very 'Junk Gypsy.'

I left Hubbard with a few finds. My next stop was in Corsicana at Sonic; it was happy hour when I was there and I have never seen such a hoppin' Sonic! There wasn't even a drive-up spot available and I had to circle the building twice to find one.

I guess all the people from Malakoff were at the Sonic in Corsicana. JK.
It is just so sad to see great old buildings in little towns vacant.
There are a few good shops in this town though.

And finally, I get to Canton. I enjoy an early dinner, watch some great Olympics, and set my alarm early for the next day. Speaking of setting an alarm, I have our back to school coaching meeting early tomorrow morning, so I better hit the hay! Stay tuned for my take on my first Canton Trade Days....

Have a chic week,


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  1. Sarah, what a fun journey to Canton. That sounds like something Elaibe and I would do, stop all along the way "junking".
    Can't wait to read your Canton experience since it's been so long since I've been there.


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