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Sunday, December 2, 2012

As white as it gets for Christmas at my house

I spent a good deal of today cleaning and prepping the living room for the Christmas tree. I had hoped to actually go to a Christmas tree farm and chop down the closest Papa Noel to pick out and then put the tree up today, but I guess the house was just that dirty that it took seemingly all day to clean. See you later this week, Papa. (Though I do love the idea of the Christmas tree farm.)

It was a balmy 82 degrees today in Austin and the forecast calls for 80's throughout much of the next week. It feels odd to be prepping for winter holidays in this climate, pulling snowmen out of the closet while wearing flip-flops. I haven't lived in the Midwest for 15 years now, yet warm weather at Christmastime still baffles me. I love the warmth, but the only month I want temps below 65 is December. No luck so far. But for all of you who have already shoveled snow, I won't complain...I'm merely saying that it still feels weird. Even the weather upholds Austin's mantra!

If I want a white Christmas at my house, the only place I can look is in this white cabinet.

The cabinet itself is white, which as many know is not the typical color I choose (see previous post A Colorful Thanksgiving), but this beauty was a Craigslist find about a year ago. I didn't have any room in my garage, so we set it inside the entryway, and it became the cabinet's home. Not sure I can part with it now! 

The armoire is currently filled with a variety of gorgeous milk glass vases. A good friend of mine, Marisol, is getting married in March. She was interested in mason jar centerpieces for awhile, but then decided on milk glass. She asked if I could keep my eyes out for some whenever I was out thrifting and told me her price range. I thought there was no way I could find them for that price...but the very next day, I hit the milk glass jackpot. I found all of these in one day! She wasn't sure she wanted to pull the trigger just yet, but I bought them anyway - they are too great. Thanks, Marisol, for helping me see the beauty in white. I can't wait to see and share how she uses them at her wedding. And until then, I can admire their beauty in the white armoire.

I won't hold my breath for a white Christmas here, but I will hope for at least sweatshirt weather when we go pick out our tree. 

Have a chic week,

~Sarah, the Barn Chick at Barn Chic


  1. Have no fear - cold temps are on the way! If you are like me, you'll be begging for the warm temps to come back in late February/early March. Love your white cabinet!

  2. I hear you, Sarah, as I changed to capris today to decorate outside. I'm having a hard time getting into the decorating spirit with this warm weather, but slowly I'm making progress. I love your white cabinet and the milk glass vases are a great compliment to it. Happy decorating!


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