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Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Vintage Fir

I am not one for fur, even faux, but I am really into my fir this year. My Douglas Fraser fir that is! (Thanks for the clarification, Dad. So glad you read the blog!) Somehow, we scored a great tree this year. It is perfectly shaped, very fragrant, and houses our ornaments so well.  

After Christmas last year, I found a bunch of old glass ornaments. I bought lots at steep discounts with the intention to sell in the booth, but I also wanted to start an entirely vintage ornament tree. My mother in law gave me an entire container full of gorgeous blue, silver, and red ornaments. They were the perfect foundation for my vintage fir and I love that the ornaments are a family heirloom. 

I ended up taking the red ornaments off; they look great in the first photo, but they were so vintage that the red looked more pinkish in person and clashed with the other red in the room.

I especially love this year's tree because last year's tree was... 
 a bit unruly.

Better than the great shape of this year's tree is the history of the ornaments on the tree. In addition to my mother in law's ornaments, which were her mother's, I also got some great glass vintage ornaments with glittery snowflakes on them from my good friend Holly. Something no longer used in her family is now something that I adore and will admire each Christmas, fondly remembering the fun trip we took to Fredericksburg where I got them.

Decorating for the holidays has been so much more fun and meaningful with the vintage items that have been passed down to me or found in my travels. On my fireplace I have a stack of old old old Illinois law books from the 1800's that my dad gave to me, and my mom found the rusty old saddle stirrup in the pasture on the farm. Parts of home adorn my mantle.  

I put my poinsettias in an old porcelain bucket and a 2 gallon crock by the fireplace.

I bought this chair from Theresa at Marburger this fall, and it is far too pretty to keep in the garage. 
I think it may stay here permanently! 

This screen is the perfect display for our cards from friends and families.

I actually got crafty this summer and decoupaged these ornaments with missal hymns and glitter. It was a little bizarre to be making Christmas decorations during the summer Olympics, but I am so glad I did!

This glass (what do you call this?) is filled with ornaments from my grandmother.

My favorite poinsettia holder is an old olive bucket.

Wish I could claim I made this banner, but I could buy it for WAY less than I could even begin to attempt to make it. I feel this way about most things...

My front porch showcases an old sled that my mom gave me from IL. And those skates would probably fit me, but I don't trust myself wearing anything beyond heels, and even then it is questionable. If you are adventurous and in Austin, check out the ice-skating rink at Whole Foods downtown. 
And if you wear a size 8, you can borrow these skates!  

This side of the porch features one of the trees I found at Marburger this fall and an old milk jug I got years ago in Warrenton. The wheelbarrow was a steal years ago from Uncommon Objects. 
Andrew contributed the amazing light wrapping on the tree. 

Whether it is new or old, each holiday item has a story and brings back memories year after year. I won't always have a tree as great as this one, but it is what's on the tree that truly makes it special. This year's tree is the best yet because it incorporates family and friends, and that is what holiday time is all about. 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Have a chic holiday week,


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  1. SARAH . . . Our boy said to tell You that He misses His Sled . . . just joshin' !! Hope that YOU & ANDREW have the Best Ever Christmas & New Year !! Big Hugs, JOE & GLENN

  2. Sarah, that chair looks great in your house. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Years!


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