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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How spoiled they will be

I cannot wait for Friday. No, I don't have any Mayan last day celebration plans like maxing out my credit card or living like it's 1999. It is, however, the last day of school for 2012...but even that is not the reason I look forward to it. (Though I won't lie, I am a tad excited about the break and the holidays).

I can't wait to absolutely spoil my 100 students. It won't be much since there are so many of them, and I only have each class for a short 45 minutes, but we are going to make the most out of our time. There will be goody bags, gifts, games, santa hats, "dance party Friday" lunch tutorials, brownies, candy, and candy canes. It will be a free day in more ways than one - not only will we take a break from our curriculum, but we also have a designated 'free day' from the Texas Department of Agriculture's "Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value" regulations, and I plan to take FULL advantage of this day of caloric freedom for my students. Every banned sugary item is welcome, and we might even play a rendition of Chubby Bunny (taking suggestions for a more Christmas-y phrase that has the same sound effect) with marshmallows just because we can. Let the gluttony and fellowship commence. We can return to health and routine in 2013 [and track starts in January].

Amid so much sorrow and heartbreak, may we find many moments of peace, joy, and hope this holiday season.

Have a chic week,



  1. Love it! Spoil those kiddos rotten! They are so lucky to have your protection, care, and guidance!

  2. Oh, can I be one of your students for the day? Sounds so fun - spoil them - they (and you) deserve it!

  3. Thank You Sarah for reminding Us all of how GREAT LIFE can be . . . We Forgot with so much sorrow . . . THANKS for being a Wonderful Teacher !! Big Hugs, JOE & GLENN


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