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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Projects

Since returning from my road trip, I have been relatively productive. There are lots of projects that I don't get to during the chaos of a school year, so I love checking a few things off my list now that it is summer. 

I finally filed 8 years worth of school mementos and notes from students. Doing so brought back lots of great memories of sweet kids. But, lesson learned: it is much easier to do this each year rather than letting almost a decade of material pile up. This little task took way longer than one would expect, but it is finally done!

This guy didn't help the above project very much; he kept sitting on my piles of papers. 
I was thrilled to find him taking a break from 'helping' in this shopping bag. 

Andrew and I certainly don't entertain much. But I have discovered that hosting get-togethers is great motivation for getting lots done. The weekend after I got back, we had a farewell work party for a dear friend and colleague of mine, Stephany. I adore her and am very much in denial that she won't be working at our campus this fall, but I am excited for her new position at another school. We had a fun gathering and I worked hard to get the front walkway landscaped to welcome our guests. 

When deer and drought are eminent, succulents and grasses are the way to go.

Ok, so it doesn't look like much, but it's a start. 

The day after I planted these, it was 108 and one plant appeared to literally fry in the sun. Sigh. 
That will be another project for another day.  

I used my new old roster pan as a planter for these cute little cacti. So far so good!
It already had drainage holes as this piece is the lid and has vents.

Next up was a project that I started last summer: stripping the paint off the front door.
If you have been reading for awhile, you may remember the pink door:

It is not a good sign when a handyman comments on how brave one is to take on this job.

I got 1/4 of the way done last summer.

 I went to Home Depot and a guy in the paint department asked me what he could help me find. 
I foolishly replied, "Stripper. Paint stripper." Good thing I made that clarification.
He somehow maintained professional composure but I was dying inside. 
I've since thought of lots of great comebacks he could have said. I'm sure he has too.  

 I dug out my Jannusch Detasseling eyewear so I could strip paint safely and in style.

After a few days of sweat and elbow grease, I am now 50% done with this job. 
At this rate, the front door should be finished by about 2015.

And I have been working on my space at the Austin Antique Mall a bit. It has been quite some time since I shared pictures of the booth. Wow, it is full! I couldn't wait to incorporate lots of my new treasures from IL. I am happy to report that several things in these pictures sold in recent days, including the chippy peach table, rusty old bike, Amelia Earhart suitcase, and vintage music stand.
July is off to a much better start than June.


I've also been doing some shopping. 
I bought a new toilet. 
If that isn't exciting, I don't know what is. 

Hope you are staying cool and enjoying the summer wherever you are!

Have a chic rest of the week,


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  1. Love the shout out and I'm very proud of your organization!!!

  2. Sarah, you made me tired just reading all your summer projects. I especially don't envy you the door stripping (I'm sure you made that salesman's day)!!
    I love how your booth looks and congrats on your sales. With Elaine and I taking on two new antique malls, we're staying busy trying to keep the spaces looking good. I just hope our Aunt Maudie's space does as well as the one we have in Uvalde.
    I will be in Austin on Saturday with Megan's (Salvaged)mom, Patty shopping at Austin City Wide. If you make it over there, maybe we'll see you.

  3. Love marking things off the list! Your porch looks great and I love the succulents in the roaster!

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