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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dallas Market Part 2

In Part 2 of my trip to the Dallas Market, I will feature photos from the wholesalers inside the World Trade Center. (If you missed my recap of the Vintage Finds show in Part 1, click here!) Both times I attended market, I started in the WTC. The very first time I saw it, I was thoroughly overwhelmed, and this time, I was incredibly excited (and still overwhelmed). I definitely felt more familiar with the layout, and I had more of a reason to shop with the wholesalers since I started carrying clothing for my online store, Barn Chic Boutique, and at shows (Junk Hippy in Rosenberg is the next one - February 22!). I enjoyed getting even more acquainted with the workings of wholesale shopping this trip. 

We made our way to the 13th floor to the "Temp" part of the show. A more experienced buyer said that this is where all the up and coming vendors and new trends are, so we had to check those out. I didn't expect anything to be within my budget, but was pleasantly surprised at the variety of vendors and price points. There are gifts, fashion, home decor, paper goods, bath and body, kids' clothing and accessories, and even team spirit merchandise. This is a view of the WTC looking down from the 13th floor.

I checked out a few of the other floors too. Here are some views of the various showrooms.

These are too chic for Barn Chic. 

This too. 

It is hard to imagine buying holiday decor 11 months before the season...
but then again, for retailers, it is only about 7 months before the decorating begins. 

Santa is already making preparations for Christmas 2014.

Those lamps are fancy.

I've read that the plum palette is the color scheme for 2014. 

Here are some well-dressed mannequins on the 3rd floor. 

This lovely lady has a skirt of lace tablecloths and old book pages. Not sure what happened to her top. 

I fell in love with a store on the 3rd floor. I visited it three times making notes and taking pictures before finally deciding to place an order. This wholesaler's style rivaled Pottery Barn with affordable prices, but with minimum orders - both item quantity and total dollar.  

I loved the sheep theme. This is Barn Chic!

I typically do not like new merchandise made to look old, but I have to admit being really impressed with how some wholesalers were able to make reproduction pieces look so authentically vintage and distressed.

After placing an order with one of the vendors on Sunday afternoon, I was so surprised to come home to a stack of three huge boxes on my doorstep Wednesday! Wow, that is fast! Typically, orders from market take weeks or months to arrive, as many items are still in production. Since so much of what I ordered from this store was from their 2013 line, I got it immediately. (I'm so last year!) I got lots of 'fluff' items for my space and shows, and I instantly knew what was in one box just by its scent - lavender!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the other items I ordered and am anxiously awaiting. They will be online at as soon as I receive them!

Reclaimed canvas bags. 

Wool and leather satchel. 

Rustic Romance. 

Leggings, orange fringe, and turquoise - loving the combination of western and tribal in fashion. 

 And one more display from the Vintage show that I left out last weekend - Stash. I always love their displays at Zapp Hall in Warrenton, but the entrance to their booth at market was spectacular.

It was a great weekend of style and sophistication - still not sure how they let me in, but so glad they did! Special thanks to my roommate Jeanette for joining me on this journey!

Have a chic week and stay warm,


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  1. Love your photos and comments about Market. We need to have a blogfriend meeting next time we are
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