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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dallas Market, Take II - Part 1

I am on day 2 of recovering from my shopping hangover. This hangover was caused by overindulging in browsing (and a little buying) at the Dallas Market Center's "Total Home and Gift Market" this past weekend. It was incredible. On my first trip to market, I was there for about four hours and I spent one of them trying to figure out how to even get into the show. This time, I went for two days and with a bit more awareness about how this wholesale buying process worked.

This place had my name all over it! 

I drove past this building on my commute for two years when I lived in Dallas and always wondered what was in there! We stayed directly across the highway but it sounded like we were sleeping on the highway.

Since I was there about 4 times longer than my first visit, I was able to see so much more. For this post, I want to focus on the Vintage Finds portion of the show in Market Center (two buildings to the left of the World Trade Center building). 

I wonder if this sign is there all the time or an addition for this show? 

One of the first booths you see upon entering the hall is Brian and Meloney of The Seed Box Antiques. As always, their space is so well put together and filled with inspiration. I loved their mix of color, material, and texture. Chippy wood, rusty metal, and galvanized steel come together with pops of greenery both dried and live.

My first purchase of the show (after lunch) was a copper cow bell from Dana at Tattered Style. I remember buying something from her at my last show and love her collection of old goods.

Another dynamic decorating duo is the couple behind Weston Primitive Co. They drive to Texas at least three times a year as they also set up at the Zapp show in Warrenton each fall and spring. Their midwestern farmhouse furniture is nothing short of exquisite for Americana primitives.

They had a touch of industrial for this show as well. 

The only other vendor whose space I captured photos of in the Vintage market is Julie of Vintage Soul TX

I first met Julie at the Country Living Show in Austin two springs ago, and I am so very impressed with how her business has evolved to capture her incredible talent of painting. She can transform a 1970's dresser into a showstopping centerpiece for a room, but even more impressive is how she hand-paints old wooden pallets with funky vintage fonts. I am in awe of her talent and creativity.   

There were so many other great vendors in the Vintage section that I missed. I have lots more to say about the trip to the Dallas Market, so I hope you check back soon as I will give you a sneak peak of some new merchandise coming both to the Junk Hippie Road Show in Rosenberg (Saturday, Feb. 22) and to Barn Chic Boutique!

Have a chic week!


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  1. Sarah, I've been waiting for this post to travel vicariously through your words and pictures to the Vintage Show at The Dallas Market and you definitely did NOT disappoint! You captured the booths I would have been drawn to to perfectly. I can't wait for the next installment!


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