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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Junk HIPPY Rosenberg - Show recap

Junk HIPPY was this past Saturday in Rosenberg, TX and I was fortunate to be a part of the madness! Named one of the top 7 flea markets/barn sales by Country Living earlier this year, Kristen and her Junk HIPPY crew (family) brought the shoppers out of the woodwork! Or at least out of the Houston area...there were thousands of shoppers (I've heard 6,000) who braved the crowds, heat, and lines to get a glimpse at the junk. When I pulled in to the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds at 7:30am on Saturday morning to finish pricing and arranging my space, there were three dedicated shoppers who formed the start of the line awaiting the 9am opening. 9am came, and this is what the line had grown to:

The line was long outside but the flow of shoppers was manageable through our building for the first 30 minutes or so. And then it got crazy! It was awesome and a bit overwhelming to have a line in my booth, and my mom and I didn't stop wrapping up goods for several hours straight. 

I am so thankful for my Barn Chic crew (family) for all their help this weekend; there is no WAY I could have done it without them! My parents again drove down from IL to help, and Andrew came in Friday night; the four of us managed to load and unload a trailer full of junk twice, set up a booth, nearly sell out of the boutique clothing, and wrangle the living mannequin who was cutting his first tooth. Some of those tasks were easier than others...but I am happy to report that my little guy did just fine at his first show! 

Here are some before pictures of my space in building D:

I am so glad I had a great show with my clothing, because I hardly sold any antiques! Which meant the trailer was as full going home as it was headed there and every heavy piece went back with me. But I will not complain because I had my BEST.SHOW.EVER. thanks to the junk warriors who endured the heat, lines, and crowded buildings. I sold out of my Grace & Lace clothing and accessories as well as most all of my BABY Barn Chic goods. I met some wonderful shoppers and I am thankful for all the Facebook love I've gotten from my new customers! 

Thanks to this lovely lady for everything she does, including designing and building this dressing room and packing a U-Haul with scientific precision.  

Thanks to my dad for the heavy lifting, dressing room assembly, and endless trips to the car to put away boxes. 

Here's my little model in his adorable Milkbarn Organics onesie:

Not pictured: my amazing husband who supports my small business dream and drove three hours on our 5th anniversary to enjoy a romantic dinner of pizza on the floor outside of the bathroom in our hotel room at the Rosenberg La Quinta while our son slept in the pack and play in the corner. 

Two big orders of new inventory placed today to replace the depleted stock! Can't wait to share the new finds soon!

Did you make it to Junk HIPPY? How was your experience? 

Have a chic week!



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