Barn Chic Antiques

Barn Chic Antiques

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Three markets in two states over eight days!

What an awesome week! I took some time off of work to shop Warrenton last Friday, then traveled to Seattle to visit my good friend Kate from grad school over the weekend, and finally went back to Warrenton yesterday for more! Here are some pictures from the Seattle trip. What a cool city!

Waiting to board the Bainbridge Island Ferry

What a treat! A Sunday market! I found a great small glass milk jug from a dairy in Washington, a fun sewing machine attachment box, and a small salve tin. This market was filled with fresh farm produce and flowers!

Kate took me to see this wall of gum - and my middleschoolers wonder why they aren't allowed to chew gum in school! Maybe we should start one of these walls at school? Can you make out the word in black?

The market everyone goes to see in Seattle - I preferred the other one!

My gracious host and me....

A very cool yarn store on Bainbridge Island - the alpaca wool was sooo soft! It seems that everyone in Seattle knits! I would love to be good at this...sadly I am pretty terrible at it. Kate bought some new yarn and I can't wait to see what she makes!

A view of Seattle in the distance on the ferry. How cool that you drive your car right onto the boat!

 I loved these little Chinese lattern flowers!

Two delicious eateries  - Geraldine's is in a great little neighborhood - I wish Austin were more 'neighborhoody.'

How quaint! Seattle was great! And I even enjoyed the cool and rainy weather...when I returned to Austin it was 103 again. Sigh.

Check back later for more Warrenton photos!

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