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Barn Chic Antiques

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Perfect Planter

Leave it to craigslist to help me sell an eclectic piece! I actually had this great wagon in my booth at one time, but it doesn't lend itself well to the 'stacking up' concept. I debated on keeping it and using it as a planter, but my small front porch doesn't have room for it.

I always get so excited when I see a response to one of my craigslist 'for sale' postings. But you never know what you will get - a spammer, a local who is curious but not serious, or a buyer who really wants to follow through. My favorite spam message so far was for a cool vintage bicycle I am trying to sell and the spammer asked the usual, "Do you still have it?" (Obviously they aren't reading the part about 'if you are reading this, I still have it!') But they asked another question that made me laugh - "What size is it?" Um, bike sized?!

I knew the email I received from the gentleman interested in the wagon was legit as the email address was from a local (well, global but local) employer. We easily arranged a pick-up and I asked what his plans were for the wagon; he said he was going to use it as a planter for succulents. I then immediately asked if he was a landscaper, as anyone who uses the word succulents probably knows what they are doing...but alas he is not. (We are in desperate need of some reasonably priced and deerproof landscape assistance).

The next day, I get an email from him with an attachment of the wagon in its new habitat. I so appreciate that as I rarely get to see what becomes of the treasures I fall in love with to buy and then sell...and I truly admire what he did with his new purchase! I wrote him back to say thanks and said I can't wait to share his creation on here! Isn't this awesome?!

Nice work on your perfect planter, Travis!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead,


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