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Barn Chic Antiques

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yay! It is almost March, and I always anticipate this month's arrival just as much as I do December. When I was younger, the big excitement might have centered around my birthday (which is on the Ides of March - anyone out there remember their Shakespeare? "Beware of the Ides of March!"), but March also signified the eventual end of long winters. I am sure it snowed plenty during March, but I definitely remember breaking out the shorts. I hope the end of February is also the end of winter jackets, close-toed shoes, and the use of seat heaters. 

Two other things I look forward to in March now: spring break and spring sales. I never thought I would be a teacher and I remember mourning the loss of a week-long spring vacation after college when I was a first-time member of the real world. I would definitely say I am still a member of the real world, but teaching does have a few perks, one of which is spring break. March is also the start of the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show, and though it is not until the very end of the month, I am already counting down the days!  

Now that it is spring, I figured it was finally time to take down the Christmas cards that were hanging on my screen in the kitchen - it looked so bare and lonely without all those smiling faces! I have a plan in the works for adding life to it, but for now I am housing these letters here since I didn't have room in the booth. 

Nothing says spring like a blooming Mountain Laurel! The fragrance is heavenly. 

Here is the other great sign my mom made for us:
I think I need a wreath for my door too, but this will do for now. 

So it is official - the signs of spring are here! I hope to see some great Texas bluebonnets soon!

This is the second week in a row that I didn't leave town to shop...but I did make a quick stop at Uncommon Objects on South Congress in downtown Austin. If you ever are in the ATX, this is definitely a place not to miss. 

I don't go very often, and I was quickly reminded why - parking is a nightmare, especially now that they have the 'back-in' spaces, and the place is mobbed on the weekends. I might also mention that SoCo attracts the uber trendy, so exploring Uncommon Objects tends to make me feel like a claustrophobic dweeb. But I do what I can to bring my readers the best of central Texas antiques. Though my photos aren't the best and the displays I was able to capture through the crowds are limited, the talent here is obvious.

I ended up buying this little tabletop cabinet. Felt justified taking a picture of it.

Didn't sell any bigger items this week, but I did end up taking in the new cabinet and rearranging. It always works - I sold several things today that have been sitting in there for months!

It is pretty cute in its new space! But it would be cuter in a new owner's home!

Happy spring to you!

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