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Barn Chic Antiques

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday Shopping

The highlight for many this past Sunday was the Super Bowl. For me, it was some great shopping! I have been dying to get out west to Llano and Burnet, but I am saving that trip for when my friend Rachel comes to visit this weekend (can't wait!). So I decided to venture south and east. It was a cold and rainy day, perfect to spend inside shopping!

I first went to Geronimo and only visited Blue Hills Antique Mall. I had such a great time exploring all the random nooks and crannies of this house-like structure. It is huge and they recently added on. There were several vendors working in their spaces, and by the end of the hour and a half I was there, I had met each one. The hospitality was overflowing, as no fewer than four people helped me carry all my goods out to my car (that should give an idea as to how much I bought!). I somehow managed to find four display pieces and fit them all in my car. I want to give a special shout out to M.L. and Diane as they introduced me to their other dealer friends and M.L. made sure to help me load the vehicle. I was glad to finally be that customer who gets to purchase a piece while the dealer is there - Diane had her space filled and fluffed within minutes of me taking a great chippy black bookcase. I guess I was too busy shopping to take any pictures of the great spaces there. 

I was, however, saddened that my former favorite booth at Blue Hills was no longer there...Curious Boys, oh where did you go? I knew they also had a space in Seguin at Unique Boutique, but I wasn't sure a) if the store was open on Sunday and b) if I had any room in the car to go on for further shopping. I figured it wouldn't hurt to check! 

Sure enough, the open sign was lit and there were a few cars in the parking lot. I am so glad - I hit the jackpot here too with some smaller items, thanks to the Curious Boys! I had so much fun admiring all of your rustic garden pieces and picking out the ones that would come home with me. There were many! And several might not make it out of my home....

I have to admit I was worried that their space would be cleaned out because several people whose blogs I read said they were headed that way within the last week. But, the nice lady working on Sunday informed me that they had just come and restocked that early afternoon. Perfect timing, Glenn and Joe! 

Theresa, I was literally and now figuratively following in your footsteps - I guess I am copying your post but couldn't resist posting my pictures of the creative decor and arrangements of this great duo also.    

I do love a great chippy birdcage! 

I want this chaise lounge!!!!!

Here are my purchases - can't wait to work them into the booth!

One stool, a bookcase, an old open cabinet, side table, typewriter table, old globe, egg basket, sewing drawers, 2 suitcases, 2 doilies, garden planter, two yard art pieces (not pictured), an old shopping basket, a few pieces of tarnished silver, and a great old clock box - I would say that is some pretty good Sunday shopping for a quick trip!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sarah...I guess rainy days and sundays don't get you down! Looks like your junkin' trip was alot of fun...Thank You for showing off our shop, the pics are great! Now we need to take a trip to Austin!! Take care, Joe & Glenn

  2. Girly, you are too funny, blog away. You definately found things I didn't see. I guess by the time I got to Blue Hills, my truck was full.


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