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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wintery Weekend

What a great weekend! I was so blessed to have my wonderful friend Rachel visit from the Chicago area. It is hard to believe that we have been friends for over 20 years - we attended the same pre-school (though we were in different classes) and then started our friendship in 4th grade when her teeny tiny country school (think 10 kids per grade) combined with our small school (around 45 kids per grade). We are both farm girls and share a love for lots of the same things - one of which is antique shopping in small towns! I was so excited to hang out, show her the booth, and shop at some of my favorite places.  

Sunday morning we went to the antique mall. She was a huge help at the booth! It is amazing how much one can do with an extra set of hands, especially those as talented as hers. The green mantle that I had for several months finally sold on Friday (yay!), so Rachel helped me cover the exposed wall with burlap. She also used her talents to help me display items in my newest shelving unit - and I sold one of them tonight! If only she lived closer, we could be in business together!   

After we spruced up the space at the mall, we headed out for some good antiquing. My last few trips have had pretty miserable driving conditions. Last week it was pouring rain, and this weekend it was sleet and snow! I could hardly believe it. Rachel started checking the long-range forecast weeks ago and even about a week ago it said mid-60's for Sunday. I was hoping she could take a break from the Midwestern winter during her trip, but instead, it snowed! That is a once-a-year thing for the Austin area - go figure it happened when she was here! But it was about 10 degrees in Chicago, so our 30's felt tropical in comparison.

This picture was taken Sunday around 4pm; 24 hours later on Monday, it was 74. Rachel left at 3 just as it finished raining. I will hope her trip to Florida in a few weeks is beautifully sunny and warm! 

Any guesses on the town we visited?

If you guessed Llano, you are correct! 

We stopped at Finds in Burnet on the way there. I enjoyed visiting with Karen and the other ladies, and we did indeed have some finds! So glad this great store is now open on Sunday afternoons. Guess I was too busy chatting to take pictures.

We also stopped at the Knot Hole but we did knot find anything there this time.

Then it was on to Llano! I had been saving my trip for her visit and I knew Rachel would appreciate the creative vignettes that both Whimsey's and Binky La Faye's feature. Such talent in this town! Here are some of our favorite displays:

Spring has sprung at Whimsey's!

Why I didn't buy these lockers is beyond me....

What a cheerful space! I love that Whimsey's uses color, which is rare to see in displays these days.

While we were at Whimsey's, they were painting a vintage buffet. Rachel forgot they were painting it and put her hand in the wet paint! She left her mark in Llano... 

Next it was on to Binky La Faye's. I just adore their bright and colorful arrangements too!

This picture provided MANY laughs after our long day of driving. I showed it to Rachel and mentioned something about the banner saying "WITH"....notice that the third letter is covered by a tag. I proceeded to get made fun of as of course the banner says WISH. Whatever. 

Look at that chippy blue door! 

LOVE the shades of green! 

Thanks for making the trip, Rachel! I look forward to our next shopping adventure!

Wishing all of you a very happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Replies
    1. Did you buy it?! It was gone today when I went to the mall!

  2. I had such a great time visiting you! Like I said before, I didn't go there for the weather. I so enjoyed seeing your fantastic booth (the best) and antique shopping with you. I, too, wish we lived closer! We would definitely make quite the team and make millions! ;-) Love you a ton and cherish our friendship. xoxo Rachel

  3. Hi Sarah! I enjoyed meeting you in your booth today and was so glad to find you have a blog, too! Sounds like you and your friend has so much fun! I see you went to Binky La Faye's. Love that shop! I was there recently and I actually bought that "WITH" banner. Oops...I mean "WISH". :)

    1. Hi Michelle! That is absolutely crazy about you buying that banner! This antique world is a small one! I'm sure I will see you around soon....Great meeting you today!


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