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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Body Parts and Street Signs

Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton is my version of heaven on earth. There are thousands of vendors selling vintage oddities and antique treasures across miles and miles of fields. As soon as the fall show is over, I start looking forward to the spring. I was so excited to make the quick trip about an hour and a half east of Austin yesterday. 

One of the first displays I saw on the side of the road was this one near Cole's building. 

Body parts are a huge trend right now! Everywhere I turned, I was greeted by appendages. 

This scene of doll heads is like none other. 
It's raining men. Every single one of these guys was already claimed. Hands off, Ladies!

This lady is on an operating table awaiting some parts. 

I haven't yet jumped on the body part bandwagon, but I just might have to. 

Signs were also everywhere. I have only one street sign, and I haven't taken it to the booth yet. 
Maybe I should get a few more to make a display? Great idea below. 


You can turn a sign into a chair!


Many more Warrenton pictures to come!

Have a great Sunday,

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  1. SARAH . . . We noticed all the body parts too . . . and had to bring home one of those Abacrombe & Fitch store display mannequins! More pics, PLEASE! Take Care, JOE & GLENN

  2. Found you by way of Curious Boys blog! Always love to Follow fellow Texans!

  3. Body parts is the weirdest trend. Maybe good for hipsters, but not for Barn Chic Antiques. :)

  4. I somehow missed the Scary Baby Hotel... probably a good thing... they kinda creep me out! Thanks for stopping by French Lique... love all your shots from the show... I'm with the boys... more photos...more!


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