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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lost Love Letters & Warrenton Part II

I really dig letters. Metal, plastic, rusty, marquee, or paper, it doesn't matter! I bought several letters at Warrenton, and I have already added a small green 'u' and a larger lowercase 'n' to the booth. I took my husband and my parents to Warrenton yesterday and I found a 'r.' Guess I can spell out 'run' ....or not. No need to make a word to enjoy the letters. 

I used to have 'i LOVE JUNK' spelled across the top of my space on the back wall. When I went to the booth this past weekend, I noticed that the 'L' was missing, so now it read 'i OVE JUNK.' Well that won't do. I ended up finding the L; it just fell forward onto the cabinet. I stood on my tippy toes and stretched to put it back up with the others, and it fell...between the wall of my booth and the one behind it! That L is a goner. But I actually found another booth in the mall that sold these letters, so I stocked up and can write lots of fun words now! 

Here are some pictures of my fun new finds from my shopping adventure to Warrenton/Round Top last weekend. 

Meet my purple lady! 

Here are a few new carts. 
I brought four screens home last week and found two more shorter ones yesterday. I love screens!

So I dragged (not drug, according to Grammar Girl!) my husband to Warrenton for the first time yesterday and he survived - at least now he knows where I spend a few weekends a year! Here he is checking out coyote pelts. 

My parents are veterans of the show but went again with us yesterday, and actually ended up buying a few sets of Longhorns to take home.  
 (They didn't buy them all, just two.)
Good thing they drove - not sure those would get through security.

I always love the style of this vendor in the Zapp tent.
I wish I had gotten her card - I think she sells at Gatherings in Georgetown.

This old baker's cabinet is amazing and in such perfect condition for being over 100 years old!

This cabinet was across from the lady's space and this vendor has great furniture as well.
Loved the supersized Easter eggs inside it!

Egg basket with artichokes. 

More suitcases and I almost bought a Round Top tank top. Wish I had!

Fun French Country style.

Like the mix of primitive and industrial - primdustrial!

From the Junk Gypsy tent that I didn't go in last time:
I <3 ORANGE!!!!!!

The lamp matched the chair and couch perfectly - in color and style!

Awesome display. 

Almost bought one of these dreamcatcher tank tops too.  

Another Junk Gypsy display.

 My mom liked the outhouse - I am sure she was picturing all the planting she could do around it!

These were the ONLY body parts I saw yesterday! The tub-full at Cole's Corner was GONE! 
Carol, sorry, we tried to find you some!

 Fun flower featurer.
This little cart almost went home with me, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be as I left without it. 

You know what else I left without? An olive bucket! I stated in my last entry that I wanted to go back for one, and the first two vendors I checked with were either out or packed up. Then I found some in the Zapp area but got distracted by the awesome Junk Gypsy tent and never thought about the little rusty olive bucket again  - darn it! 

Things I didn't buy: cart, olive bucket, 'Round Top' tank top, and dreamcatcher tank top. Dang! I didn't buy much at all yesterday, but I sure enjoyed having company to explore the fields. Thanks for going, Mom, Dad, and Andrew!

Some updated booth shots - 

All I need is a U and I would be set for Wheel of Fortune.

Lots of new purchases made their way to the booth - purple lady, letters U and N, folding wooden measuring stick, screen, and a few goods transported from IL by my parents - a fun blue tool caddy and an old typewriter in a carrying case. 

I hope you all are enjoying a great Easter!

Have a chic week,


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  1. SARAH . . . Is the PURPLE LADY considered a body part? If so, WELCOME to the newest TREND! (We think our mannequin is!) Looks like you had lots of fun, and remember, there's always the fall show to get what you missed ! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

    1. Hi Joe and Glenn! Like you, I am already looking forward to the fall show...and all the hunting in between now and then!

      And yes, I am on the mannequin bandwagon - love them! Yours looks great in your garden - are you keeping him out there?

    2. NO . . . He just needed a little sun! Thanks Again SARAH for all the GREAT PICS!! JOE & GLENN

  2. Ok...I am so wishing I lived near you. This looks like it is SO much fun! I have decided you have to visit me on your next visit home and help me figure out how to incorporate some cool old treasures into my new house! I want to go exploring shops with you some time!


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