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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Day, Mother Earth! I'm just getting this post in on the tail end of April 22, the internationally celebrated Earth Day. I do hope that we take time to care for our planet more than just 1 out of every 365 days, and I want to give a shout out to all of you who help keep the "3 R's" moving in a continuous circle. Everyone who purchases old stuff is a contributor to those R's, particularly reuse. Many in this field refer to items being reused as 'repurposed,' 'refurbished,' 'renewed,' 'upcycled'  - whichever semantic you choose, buying old stuff saves it from the dump and gives new life to old junk.

I celebrated Earth Day by hitting up the Austin City Wide Garage Sale. There were great vendors as always, some the same I have frequented on previous visits, and some new. They all come hoping to find a new home for their old junk. I just love looking at all the goods! Here are some scenes from the Palmer Event Center.
Remember this game? It sure was mysterious and I was always certain someone was moving it. But a fun and creepy way to keep occupied while trying to stay awake til sunrise with 13 other girls in 7th grade.

Vintage slips

This was Linda's booth, and from the looks of the business cards, I am guessing she has a spot at Uncommon Objects. I loved both of those little cabinets and the rusty one on the right went home with me.

More of Linda's displays above and below.

I had a great time visiting with Megan from Salvaged, who I am excited to announce is starting a blog! She just spent two weeks in the fields at Warrenton and lived to tell about it. I hope she had a great sale at City Wide.
I also hope that we can make it to visit the dump and 'salvage' some great junk soon! 

This was a super quick shot of her Salvaged space.

Below are pictures from a vendor with whom I wasn't familiar; I hope she forgives as I am pretty certain that her name is Debbie. She literally just pulled into town from Arizona and is looking to make Austin her home. I wish her the best and these photos show she is off to a running start here.
Look at those rusty old bumpers! 

This is her logo. I was loving those little wagons and tricycle too.

I sure love orange, but wow, this is a lot of orange!

I finally got to spend some time in my space and did a little reorganizing to hopefully help older stock move so I can make way for some newer items! You can see my new rusty cabinet from City Wide already squeezed in - I had planned to take a piece home, but instead rearranged and stacked higher in order to cram everything in. 
Be good to Mother Earth and buy something old rather than something new.

Have a chic week!


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